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Simplicity: The Ultimate Sophistication

  • March 29, 2017
  • By Grace
Simplicity: The Ultimate Sophistication

There’s nothing better than a room that feels light, bright and airy. Stunning clean lines, free of clutter and a clear and minimal space to make the most of the room. But just because your home is simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Quite the opposite, minimal is chic, sophisticated and striking! It might not be practical for everyone (busy family homes bustling with children and pets might struggle to make this work) and It’s a brave look to pull off, but in certain spaces, it looks incredible. Here’s how you can achieve a stunningly simple yet sophisticated home.

Paint It White

White makes any room look brighter and more spacious. It makes the most of the natural light, and creates the perfect blank canvas. When it comes to minimalist rooms, few colors are better than pure, clean white. Strip off any fussy looking wallpaper, ditch the statement wall or bold colors. If you do want to bring in an accent color, do so with accessories rather than adding it to the walls. It will create a gorgeous minimal look.


Make a Statement With High-Quality Fixtures

You might not have a lot of ‘stuff’ in your minimalist home, but you can still make a statement. You could search through a lovely range of bathroom taps, kitchen taps, door handles, and drawer pulls for cabinets and furniture online. These are the things that will really stand out when everything else is scaled back so be sure to get it right. You could even upgrade your light switches and plug sockets from the cheap looking standard white plastic to far nicer metal varieties. Once you’ve chosen your metal of choice- whether it be stainless steel, brushed steel, copper, gunmetal or anything else, choose other fixtures in your home to match. This could be everything from curtain poles to the odd decorative piece. This helps to tie everything together and make it look coherent and well thought out.

Choose Beautiful Lighting

Lighting is another important element to get right, especially if you’re styling a minimalist room. Without a lot of other items, your focus will be on these kinds of pieces. You could choose something classic like a chandelier or something bold and modern. When everything else is scaled back and neutral, you can go wild here without it looking too full on.

Add Plants

The odd decorative accessory is still fine if you want a simple looking home, however, plants are a stylish way to add interest and homeliness without losing those clean lines. A large potted plant in a corner, a couple of cacti on a desk or shelf and a few other different varieties dotted around can really bring the space to life. Fresh flowers are another good option, you can change them up every few weeks to bring in different colors into the home without making any permanent changes.


Would you ever try a minimalist style in your home?


By Grace, March 29, 2017
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