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6 Warning signs that your body needs extra care

  • May 16, 2014
  • By Grace
6 Warning signs that your body needs extra care

Is your body in need of a little extra help? There’s no doubt that our bodies change as we get older, but it’s possible to retain the vigour and vitality that we desire.

Your body may already be sending you signals, to let you know that it’s in need of some extra attention. Have you spotted any of the following warning signs?

1. Skin feeling rougher

Smooth skin is often associated with the young and it may not come as a surprise to learn that skin often feels that bit rougher, as we grow a little older. As we age, the body starts to produce fewer oils. It’s those oils that help to moisture the skin and keep it feeling smooth.

If you’ve noticed that there’s less moisture in your own skin, then it could be time to think about using more moisturiser, or taking advantage of Sanctuary Spa facial oil products, which are specifically designed to provide your skin with those missing oils.


2. The appearance of lesions

If you’ve started to develop lesions, or other blemishes, then your initial reaction may be to imagine that this is a sign for serious concern. That may be an issue and it’s important that you should seek medical help, if you have any concerns in this area.

For many people, however, the appearance of lesions, is simply a sign of the ageing process. They are most likely to be benign, although you may still feel that they are an unwanted addition to your body.

3. The thinning of the skin

With age, skin can start to become more transparent. That’s a direct result of the thinning of the surface layer of the skin. A range of creams and treatments can be used to introduce colour to that top layer of skin, helping to restore confidence too.

4. Wrinkles and lines

The appearance of additional wrinkles is rarely admired and this is a problem that can strike at any time of life. Wrinkles and lines may increase as a result of sun exposure or child birth, for example. Fortunately, such lines needn’t become a permanent feature of the body.

Using exfoliators and night creams can be is a great way to revitalise the skin, and will help you to respond to the signals that you are getting from your body. There’s a considerable range of solutions to choose from, ensuring that you can get exactly what you need.


5. Red blotches

Changes in life can lead to an increase in the number of unsightly blotches and rashes that start to appear on the skin. These can make life embarrassing, leaving you feeling less comfortable in social situations.

Whether these marks have appeared as a result of shaving, or simply because you are going through the menopause, there are steps that you can take to reduce the outward appearance of such marks. A range of blemish serums, for example, can be used to hide such marks away, giving you back the confidence in your own appearance.

6. Dark circles around the eyes

For some, dark circles around the eyes are simply a sign that they have had a bad night’s sleep. For others, however, they are a reminder of the passing of time.

You may not be able to rewind time, but you can certainly use eye creams to hide away those circles and to reduce puffiness. This area of the face is delicate and it’s vital that you should use solutions that are particularly gentle.

Your body is good at sending you signs that it’s in need of some extra help. Listen to those warning signals and take action.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 

By Grace, May 16, 2014
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