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Far flung, exotic … worth the travel

  • May 14, 2014
  • By Grace
Far flung, exotic … worth the travel

You don’t always have to travel too far to see the world’s best sights, but it is true that the most exotic sights are generally a decent distance away. The downside of that is of course the length of the flight, but if you can find ways to distract yourself from the waiting, then these fantastic sights and experiences are at your fingertips.

How can you make long distance travel easier on your stress levels, and your patience levels?

Gatwick Airport

I find driving myself to the airport is always better than waiting for a coach that takes six hours to arrive at the airport, when I could have driven in two. Because of this, I regularly use Airparks to book my parking space, and usually end up saving myself some cash when compared to the price of public transport. I regularly use Gatwick parking, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone travelling to any of the amazing long distance destinations from that particular airport. Gatwick is especially good for year around long distance destinations too, and even indirect to out of season regions during the winter months.

Check out what deals you can find, but I can guarantee you won’t return to the public transport route once you’ve tried it.

Once you’re at the airport it’s a good idea to try and chill out as much as possible. Rushing around duty free and getting stressed at the crowds is not a good way to relax pre-travel, and you’ll only end up frazzled and arguing with your travel pals. Instead, why not look at booking an airport lounge, or simply heading to a restaurant and enjoying a nice meal together.


My problem with long distance travel always comes when I’m on the flight, because I get bored easily, and time seems to drag. If I can offer one piece of advice, never look at the flight map! I did this once, and thought we were stuck in mid-air, going nowhere. This is not a good way to make time go faster, so instead distract yourself with a film, a book, your iPad, Kindle, whatever – just keep your eyes away from the map!

There are of course health aspects to take into account when travelling long distances, so always check with your GP before you travel if you are in the risk category. If you are, always heed advice, such as wearing compression stockings etc. Your health should always come first.

These far-flung destinations might be stressful and time consuming to get to, but once you’re there, taking in all the amazing sights and experiences, you will easily forget the travel aspect – until it’s time to come home!

By Grace, May 14, 2014
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