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Best active sports to lose weight

  • October 16, 2014
  • By Grace
Best active sports to lose weight

We all know exercise is a key ingredient to losing weight, but it doesn’t need to be spending hours on end at the gym. One of the best ways to lose weight is to find exercise you enjoy, like playing a sport. Not only do you get a good sweat during sport but it burns lots of calories too. If you are unsure of what sport to get into I’ve listed some of the best active sports below that will help you in shedding those extra kilos.

Snow sports

Skiing and snowboarding are a great hobby to pick up that burn through calories just like that. It’s perfect to pick up in the winter when we all generally get lazy and pack on the extra weight. Not only are you burning calories through movement but also through staying warm up the mountain. If you want to burn extra, then pick up cross-country skiing where you don’t have gravity to help you.



Swimming gives your whole body a workout, using your legs and upper limbs simultaneously. Plus it’s a great cardio workout, getting your heart pumping and body moving. If you have joint problems then swimming is perfect for you as it’s low impact and can also be accessible anytime of the year.


Surfing is one of those sports you pick up and become addicted too. Plus it’s so much fun you wont think twice about hitting the waves and getting your daily dose of exercise. It’s great for cardio and building shoulder and back strength. In order to pop up on the board you use your core, so it’s perfect for getting summer abs.



If you are competitive by nature then Tennis is a great game to get into. You quickly build strong arms from smacking the ball around and burn calories from running across the court.  You can play in singles or doubles, making it a great game to do with friends.


If team sports are more your thing, then join a local basketball team or create a social team with friends and co-workers. Basketball involves running, jumping, and fast paced movements making it a great fat burner, that will see your fitness levels improve in not time.

Rugby or League

Not only do you need to build muscle for this sport but you also need to be super fit. Running up and down a rugby pitch is no easy task. Rugby helps you build strong muscles while the cardio element strips the fat.


By Grace, October 16, 2014
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