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Top Luxury Sports Cars

  • October 16, 2014
  • By Grace
Top Luxury Sports Cars

If you have a need to go fast, then nothing beats hitting the open road in a high powered luxury sports car. Not only do they go fast but also offer some of the most advanced safety features, plush interiors and great inside entertainment and technology options. If you are looking to upgrade here are the top luxury sports cars of 2014 to chose that are not only a pleasure to drive, but are super sexy too.


F-type Jaguar

This beauty not only offers great performance but has a great luxurious interior filled with some of the latest technology gadgets on the sports car market. It comes with a V6 engine or there is also a V8 version, for those wanting some extra power and purr when the push their foot down. It has an eight-speed auto transmission making it a dream to drive. Its plush leather seats make it feel even more luxurious on the inside, and the hard top roof gives it some great stability on the road.  You can get the F-type convertible if you want to feel the wind in your hear.


Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

This American classic has been re-designed offering a super sleek exterior that comes with speed and comfort. It has a V8 engine, making it super powerful on the road, perfect for those speed junkies. It has six-speed automatic transmission and a seven-speed manual-transmission. Advanced safety features include a strong breaking system and responsive steering. The Stingray has had a revamp from the traditional (more dated) Corvette cabin giving the inside a whole new fresh luxurious look and feel. It has all the new technology for luxury cars, offering a great infotainment system, a nine-speaker audio Bose system, Bluetooth for your phone, USB ports and a backup camera.


Porsche Boxster

A Porche Boxster is one of the first sports cars that comes to mind when you think luxury, high speed driving. The latest 2014 version offers a new modern interior with top handling. It has a six-cylinder engine, giving it smooth driving power that all people have come to expect from the Boxter. It has a six-speed automatic transmission with the option to switch to a seven-speed manual transmission if needed. The best feature is the ability to open the pop-top roof whilst the car is still going at up to 31mph. It has all the luxury technology features with an impressive sound system, 7-inch touch screen display, and infotainment system.



By Grace, October 16, 2014
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