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3 Tips for Transforming Your Home

  • November 2, 2018
  • By Grace
3 Tips for Transforming Your Home

Your home should be your sanctuary, and while home improvements can become costly very fast there are a few cheap and effective ways you can transform your home. From investing a little more in your garden, through to adding a few pops of colour through your home, a change doesn’t need to break the bank. Another thing you can do to make your home even more comfortable is to declutter – be ruthless and realistic about what you currently use and what’s just lying around collecting dust. It can be so liberating clearing out unneeded things and is a great way to give back to your local community by donating. After all, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Here are my top 3 tips for transforming your home.

1. Invest in Your Garden
Gardens are often one of the most neglected spaces in a home, which is a real shame because a beautiful garden can be a lovely place to sip on your morning coffee or to watch your children play. You don’t need to aim for a garden that would fit in on a cover of Home and Garden, but keeping it tidy and to your own style is important. At least you should have an area to sit and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, whether it’s in a table in chairs in the middle of the garden, in a pergola, or on a beautiful deck. If you plan to maintain your garden yourself, be sure to invest in some decent gardening supplies from Two Wests.

2. Add Some Colour
Adding a splash of colour is a fast way to dramatically change a space. Consider painting a feature wall in your home to quickly change the mood of your living spaces. You can also buy some art work and frame it to add a bit more colour to your home. If you are on a bit of a budget, then a few colourful cushions are a great, inexpensive way to add a little more personality to your home. You can even find cushions that are screen printed art, which are really fun and an interesting way to incorporate more art into your home.

3. Clear Out the Junk
It can be easy to accumulate lots of things when you have a whole apartment or house to fill up. But excess stuff we don’t really need or use can actually weigh us down. One of the most popular books at the moment is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising by Marie Kondō. It’s gained popularity as people have found the real benefit to having less and treasuring what they have. Go through your closet and be realistic about what you need and what you’re really using. Whatever you don’t need any more, you can either sell or donate to those who need it more. Use this principle throughout your home to declutter and life a more minimalistic life. I’m sure you’ll soon see the benefits and how they can flow onto other areas of your life too.

A few small changes can ensure that your home is even more comfortable and somewhere you love retreating to after a long day at work.

By Grace, November 2, 2018
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