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5 Ways Cell Phones Have Changed Our Lives

  • August 28, 2014
  • By Grace
5 Ways Cell Phones Have Changed Our Lives

Oh, cell phones! Can’t live them, can’t live without. It’s been quite some time since the first cell phones were first invented (remember those old and heavy phones we used to call “mobile” although they were not really easy to “mobilize”?). But in a very short time span, things have progressed very fast. In fact, your cell phone has probably changed your life much, much more than you can even imagine…

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1. “Text Me, Please”

Remember the days when you actually had to pick up your phone to talk to someone? Remember when your best friend used to call you on your landline and told you “we’ll meet at 8” because her dad needed their dial-up Internet? And you really had to be there at 8 sharp as there was no way to let them know you’ll be late.

Those days seem, indeed, like a very, very, very long time ago. Nowadays, you don’t have to actually speak to someone to convey a short message because we have cell phones – and what a marvellous invention SMS texts have been. They can be much more practical and it often take much less time to write them.

2. “I Forgot My Keys at Home”

Remember when the most important thing you could have left at home when leaving were your keys – and then you had to wait around the house or to run to a friend’s and call your mother to come home with the keys because you can’t get inside?

These days, there is something that feels even more important than keys left home – our cell phones. Leaving your cell phone at home will probably result in 30 missed calls from your mom, 3 awkward texts from your father and, who knows, a very important call from a job interviewer as well. There are few things worse than the apprehension of all the calls you might have missed when you left it at home.


3. “Selfie, Please!”

The days when pictures had to be developed by a professional and when you only had 36 shots at that perfect celebrity smile photo are long gone. These days, your cell phone doubles as your camera and you can take as many pictures of yourself as you want to – and then simply share them on Facebook or Instagram with the help of your cell phone too.

4. Information

First, there was WAP. Then, higher speed Internet came for our phones too. Nowadays, you can navigate the Internet when you’re on the bus and by using your cell phone only. You can learn what quantum physics is, you can talk to someone on the other side of the world for free and you can even sell things by using the small device in your pocket – the device without which our modern, busy (and sometimes egomaniac) selves would never be the same!


5. Emergency Calls

Aside from random texts with your best friend, there is something even more important that makes cell phones almost indispensable to anyone who has become used to them: emergency calls. If you are sick, if there is an accident, if someone on the street has fainted and you have to call the ambulance, if your grandma has tripped and she needs your help – cell phones will be there.

By Grace, August 28, 2014
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