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5 Ways on How To Celebrate a Meaningful Christmas Despite the Pandemic

  • November 5, 2020
  • By Grace
5 Ways on How To Celebrate a Meaningful Christmas Despite the Pandemic

We have spent almost the entire year 2020 with uncertainty because of the coronavirus, and we are likely to spend the remaining months of it very differently too. That includes the way we celebrate the Holidays. Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most awaited holidays of the year. It is dubbed as the Season for Giving, and the kids and adults alike are excited to exchange gifts with each other, get together over the Christmas Eve dinner, and enjoy the break with your loved ones. 

However, since the pandemic struck, there are so many things that we are restricted to do. We can no longer gather in places without observing social distancing and we are required to wear masks when going outside so we will not be catching the deadly virus. 

A lot of parents and breadwinners also are struggling in keeping their jobs. Businesses have downsized their workforce and some even closed their companies for good. 

Despite the bad things that are happening, we can still do things to enjoy and celebrate the Holidays and make sure that we keep the tradition alive. 

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Here are  ways on how to celebrate a meaningful Christmas despite the pandemic:

Organize a virtual Christmas Party. Since we are restricted to gather and hold parties in fear of contracting the virus, you can have your family and friends meet up on a video conference and enjoy each other’s company while having your dinner in your respective homes. Have a group activity where everyone will be able to participate. Give prizes to the best performers. I am sure you will not run out of ideas on what to do to make the virtual party cool and fun!

Let them see your decorations online! Let them see your decorations online! Since you are going to celebrate Christmas together in front of your computer screens, it would be a great idea if you buff your decorations on the locations where you can use them as your background for your video calls. You can buy unique Christmas wall art and hang it where it can be seen on your camera. This can win you a prize in your contest among your friends and family if you’re lucky! 

Use eco-friendly gift wraps. Half of the reason why everyone is excited about receiving gifts is the gift wrapping. However, most of the wrapping materials nowadays are made of non-recyclable materials that are bad for the environment. Start using alternatives like fabric bags and ribbons. Not only are they environmentally-friendly, but they also cost less.

Serve a modest, but filling Christmas dinner. You don’t always have to prepare extravagant foods to enjoy the Christmas Eve dinner. Especially now that we are very critical of our finances because of the pandemic. We can prepare food for fewer heads since we are expecting fewer visitors in our dinner if the pandemic doesn’t permit family gathering the usual way. It matters less about what kind of food you serve. What’s important is whom you are sharing them with – whether virtual or in real life. 

Give your friends and loved ones practical gifts. We are living in uncertain times right now. It would be a great idea to provide our friends and loved ones something that they can make use of, or help them in their source of income, instead of something that they can just hang on their wall to display. 

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Give them subscription vouchers for online courses, or maybe accessories for their computer or anything that they use for work. 

By Grace, November 5, 2020
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