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Be Bold! Bright, Brazen Lip Color Made Easy

  • January 1, 2014
  • By Grace
Be Bold! Bright, Brazen Lip Color Made Easy

Bold lips can be intimidating. When a look brazenly shouts “look at me!” it can be easy to shy away from attempting it … after all, if it goes wrong, it’ll be just as noticeable as if it goes right, right? It’s time to stop that kind of thinking and bravely go where no lips have gone before. Bold lips are the tequila shot of make-up: their the quickest way to change your look and mix things up, and they have a way of making you feel sexier, braver, and infinitely kissable. Leave your fears behind and get ready to take the world by storm with these simple tips for bold lips.


Select Your Shade

Picking a color that makes you look like the star you are is sometimes the most intimidating part of going bold. Start by figuring out your skin tone. Yellow or olive undertones glow in cool-colored shades, while pinkish undertones are lit up by warm colors. If you have thin lips, stray away from dark colors and veer towards the brighter end of the spectrum – dark colors will make your lips look smaller, while bright ones will give them a bit of pop. Finally, if you’re going for a classic red, take note how you feel about your teeth. Orangey reds can make your teeth look yellower, while bluer reds will make your smile look white and bright. The best way to pick a shade is to try it on, so become friends with the make-up counter. And whatever the rules may say, if you like it, rock it! This big, bold look is all about confidence, so choose whatever makes you feel like you could take on the world.

Start with a Clean Slate

The bolder the color, the more chapped lips and dry skin will show. Set yourself up for success by exfoliating your lips before you even start. One method is to apply a thick lip balm and then gently brush your lips with a soft toothbrush, removing dead skin. You can also try a scrub to smooth things out; make your own by mixing brown sugar, olive oil and a little honey. Next, get some moisture in with a good lip balm or a bit of Vaseline. Let it soak in for 5-10 minutes before applying lip color. If you’re planning on making bold color a frequent look (a plan we highly encourage), it’s time to start keeping those lips happy and moisturized on the regular. Start carrying lip balm or Vaseline and using it regularly to keep lips color-ready.

Bold Lips

Go Bold! (And Stay That Way)

After you’ve prepared your canvas, start with a lip liner in a color close to your natural shade to help keep you in the lines and make your color last all night. You can also coat your lips with base or concealer, which will give you an even bolder tone. Then apply your lip color – you can use a lip brush if you’re nervous, but going directly from the tube will give you a stronger, sassier result. Be brave! Finish by placing a tissue over your lips and then coating them in translucent powder for a longer lasting finish. To prevent getting color on your teeth, place a finger in your pucker and then pull it out, getting the excess on your digits instead of your pearly whites. Balance out the look with simplicity on the rest of your face – a simple black liner on the upper lid and some mascara should be plenty. Throw your color in your bag for touch-ups and you’re good to go boldly forth!

By Grace, January 1, 2014
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