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Effective studying technique for exams

  • November 17, 2014
  • By Grace
Effective studying technique for exams

Exam time can be an extremely difficult time. Trying to remember everything that you learnt over the semester across a range of subjects is enough to make anyone’s brain overload. However the key to studying is to work smarter not harder. Find below some effective studying techniques that can help you next time exams roll around.

1. Build online flash cards

Flash cards have to be one of the most effective studying tools out there. Not only do you learn whilst you are creating the flash cards but they are then a great way to test yourself. is a fantastic online tool that lets you build flash cards online. Having the flash cards online also means you can test yourself anywhere on your phone as well as easily share them with classmates. Even better double up on resources and get your classmates involved. Pick a topic each to create and then share around.


2. Study from old exams

You can learn a lot from practicing old exams. Whilst your exam will be different, studying and practicing old exams helps you cover the key topics from that year’s subject. They also give you a good idea of the style of questions that will be asked and how much time to allow yourself answering each section. The more you can practice from old exams the better, and if you have any questions from them don’t be hesitant in asking your lecturer for advice.

3. Create posters

Don’t just use written work to study. A key to remembering information is to learn in many different styles. Create some visual posters for key facts or information you need to learn and put them up around the home where you will constantly see them. Having them constantly around means you will be absorbing the information all the time. Don’t just do this during exam time, but have posters up throughout the year.

4. Share the load

Find some good study partners and share the load for studying. Each pick a topic and then present it back to the group through a presentation or learning activities. This can be a great way to reduce your workload as well as make some new friends whilst you are at it. Why not even turn it into a trivia night and have some fun whilst cramming for exams.


5. Stay on top of things

It’s paramount to stay on top of your workload throughout the semester. If you leave it all to exam time then you will feel overwhelmed and overloaded when you try to cram a semesters worth of work into a few weeks. At the end of each subject make some key notes that you can reflect back on at exam time. If you keep this up regularly then you wont be so stressed in the finals.


By Grace, November 17, 2014
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