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Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Excellent Condition

  • September 11, 2017
  • By Grace
Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Excellent Condition

To stay cool in the summertime, you need to be sure that your air conditioner is working appropriately. This means that you need to actually dedicate a chunk of your schedule to looking at the unit. It is important that you start this process long before the hot weather comes to call. A few weeks before the season begins, run your unit for a bit. This will help you to see whether or not the unit is able to accomplish the task of cooling your space or if it requires a professional to come take a look.


If you notice that there is trouble, then you are going to want to contact experts who specialize in the repair of AC air conditioning units. Of course, this is only one of many ways to tell if there is a problem with your unit. You can also stay mindful of additional maintenance tasks throughout the course of the summer to ensure that the air conditioner keeps your space as cool as you’d like. Follow these suggestions to learn more.

Stay Clean

Keeping anything clean is important to maintaining the way that it functions. At the start of the season, before you attempt to run the unit, be sure to take off the cover and inspect the coils. Inactivity can cause dust and dirt to collect on the coils, preventing them from cooling down the unit in a proper way. The main purpose of these coils is to absorb the heat in the air, which is impossible when a coil is caked with dirt. Wiping down the coils every couple of weeks may help you to get more from your unit.


It is important to be mindful of your unit throughout the course of the season. Simply cleaning it at the beginning of summer will not be enough to protect your air conditioner in the long run. A great way to make sure that your unit is not taking in more dirt than necessary is by paying attention to what is located near the unit. House plants, dusty shelves, and piles of random junk can easily be problematic. Be mindful of dusting and move all plants away from your units to keep the space a bit more clear.

Stay Mindful

Cleanliness is only one small part of properly maintaining an air conditioner. It is also useful to understand some of what is happening within the unit and how you can be an active part of staying mindful of it all. When air passes through a unit, it is purified by filters located within. These filters catch any harmful particles that are blowing about the air so that you do not breathe them back in when the circulated air pushes through. As with the coils, dirt that gets stuck on the filters for too long prevents the AC from functioning.


While the coils can be cleaned off, you need to switch the old filters out for new ones. How often you replace the filters will depend on factors like the unit that you own, the type of filters that you use, and how much dirt has collected. Check with the professionals if you have additional questions about replacing filters in a timely manner.

Stay Cool

By focusing on the way that your air conditioner performs, it is going to be easier for you to spot a problem before it gets too bad. Focus on simple aspects of maintenance like changing the filters and keeping the unit clean to see the best possible results from your endeavors. When you take the time to work on these specific areas, it is more likely that you are going to get your unit to stay functional throughout the summer’s heat.


By Grace, September 11, 2017
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