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Making your home extra Christmassy this holiday season

  • October 26, 2016
  • By Grace
Making your home extra Christmassy this holiday season

Take a look at the following phrases – falling leaves, cooler temperatures, possibility of snow. If the first thing that comes to your mind is Christmas, then you are one of the many who think Christmas is the most beautiful and special time of the year. You are delighted to see ornaments in the store in October, and have your cards addressed and mailed the day after Thanksgiving. You adore finding perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Decorating your home for Christmas is a favorite part of your annual routine. And while you don’t need to outdo every neighbor on the block, you certainly like to make every effort to impress in decorating in a special way. Here to help you up your game are ways of making your home extra Christmassy this holiday season.


The homemade holiday

Involve your family and friends in creating decorations. There are lots of ways to do this. You can pick a theme or color and incorporate it into wreaths, ornaments, Christmas cards, stockings, and more. You can buy a bunch of random Christmas kits at a craft store and let your loved ones decide what they want to make at a holiday get-together. You can personalize your ornaments and wreaths with the names of loved ones using gel pens.

Lights, light and more lights

Inside and outside the house, you love the brightness of Christmas lights on the dark winter nights. But you are not fond of unraveling your Christmas light strings every year. For a sparkling holiday touch and tangle free Christmas lights, you can’t go wrong with a Tree Dazzler. The Dazzler’s lights are attached to the tree topper, and cascade in 15 different color schemes controlled by a handy remote.


Christmas smells

To make the feeling of Christmas linger in every part of your house, burn some candles with smells of pine, cinnamon, cloves, or whatever smell evokes the holiday. If you’re not a fan of candles, simply simmer some spices in a pan of water, or buy a room freshener with holiday scents. And to really make Christmas come alive through scent, bake some cookies or pumpkin bread.

Spread the joy

You’ll feel the Christmas love more if you decorate every room in the house. Even small touches can ramp up the spirit of Christmas. Use holiday linens in the bathroom and kitchen. Put up a small tree or hang ornaments from the lights in every bedroom. Display your Christmas cards on the pantry door. Place pinecones and colored baubles in your outdoor planters and hang oversized ornaments from your trees. Go the extra mile and hang a holiday garland from the rear view mirror of your car.


One of the best parts of the Christmas holiday is the build-up to December 25th. These days, advent calendars are much more targeted to bring you a special new surprise every day. There are advent calendars featuring wine, Star Wars and nail polish. Pick one or make one that truly expresses your Christmas spirit.

Spreading the cheer of Christmas to your home is easy with a little imagination and the help of your loved ones. Be creative, and make it more memorable than ever.



By Grace, October 26, 2016
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