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Things to consider when wearing shoes

  • July 23, 2021
  • By Grace
Things to consider when wearing shoes

Shoes complement your dress code. it’s no secret that every lady feel comfortable when they know they are well dressed. Its simple knowledge to know which shoes match your outfit to avoid a fashion misstep.


Occasions usually dictate what you wear the same goes for the type of shoes that you wear. Wedges, for example, those are the shoes you can’t wear if you planning to play best NZ online casino games you need a shoes that are more comfortable. Court shoes and even ballet pumps. all of these are worn on different occasions. You can be wearing pumps when you are attending a formal meeting.

Formal occasion usually calls for high heels. This look will give you the confidence you need. Also, you will be taken seriously. In addition, looking formal in your high heels will boost marks for first impressions.

 Casual occasions mean that you don’t have to look too serious. The clothes you wear are a bit relaxed so are the shoes you chose .its wise that you wear your wedges of flats so that it matches up with your outfit.


The colour of your outfit should tell you which shoes match up the colour of your outfit. It’s wise that you choose dark colours o that they don’t attract attention.

 However, it’s not always the case that you have to wear nude colours all the time. Choose that colour that you like and try to match up with what you are wearing.


Different seasons come with different weather conditions. The way you dress also changes, also the choice of shoes you wear changes. 

There are shoes designed for winter and also for summer. open shoes are more of a summer setting whilst boot shoes and tennis are for winter or anytime you play crazyvegas games because they more comfortable . 

In conclusion, when selecting shoes to wear the thing that should come to your mind is the occasioning first. know the occasions that will help you decide on the shoe type. Also, the colour that is suitable for it. It’s also the about your comfort in the shoes you wear.

By Grace, July 23, 2021
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