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Tips for Planning the Perfect Party

  • March 2, 2016
  • By Grace
Tips for Planning the Perfect Party

If you’re planning a party for a friend or family member, and you’re determined that it will be a party to remember, you’re probably feeling a little stressed about all the details that you need to remember. Whether you’re the type who likes to write everything down and consider yourself super organised, or your idea of organisation is to begin planning a few days before the party is meant to happen, here are some tips for planning the perfect party:


Think about the person

Often when we’re wrapped up in planning a party it can be easy to put our ideas first, and choose themes, decorations and entertainment based on what we would like. If the party isn’t going to be a surprise, talk to the person you’re planning the party for and ask them a few questions about the type of party they would like.
This is a great way to determine if they want something smaller with just close family and friends, or a larger bash that will be talked about for years.

If you’re planning a surprise party, you may need to get creative. Talk to a few people closest to the person who will be surprised, and make some notes about the type of music they enjoy, potential themes, and whether they like themed parties.

Pick a Theme

If you do decide to go with a theme, this is easy if you can get some input from the person you’re planning the party for, and a little harder if it’s a surprise. The trick with planning a theme is to make sure it’s relatable to all of the guests, and there won’t be groups of people who are left out or don’t know how to dress for the theme. Check out Disguises which has some excellent ideas for themed parties.


Get Organised

Even if you thrive on chaos, planning a party will be much easier if you get a little organised. If you’re a list person, make as many lists as necessary until you feel like you have it under control. If you’re more visual or looking for inspiration, use Pinterest or Trello to keep everything together and work out what needs to be completed next.

Invite Friends and Family

This should be one of the first things you do as soon as you’ve nailed down the best date, since people will need to add it to their calendars and if you leave it too long, you may find that people already have plans. While this will depend on how many people are coming from out of town (they’ll usually need more notice- especially if they’re booking flights), it’s a good idea to give at least two months notice if possible.

Order food

If you’re having a smaller party, you may want to see if you can delegate some of the food preparation to guests who want to help- you’ll probably be surprised at how many people are willing to lend a hand. Otherwise you may need to compare caterers and book the food in advance.

By Grace, March 2, 2016
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