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What Are Solar Pergolas?

  • August 15, 2014
  • By Grace
What Are Solar Pergolas?

Beautifying one’s home is really easy these days with so many products and so many resources for ideas. While some home improvement items will cost you quite a lot of money, there are also things you can do on tighter budgets too. And even when they do come at a higher price, these items are really worth it because they will add beauty, style and a lot of value to one’s home.

Solar Pergolas: For the Wonderful Days of Summer

traditional-patio (1)

Summer is amazing and almost everyone loves it. During summer, everything around you will seem livelier and happier than during the rest of the year. And yet, no matter how much you love the warm rays of the sun, you will still sometimes want to hide yourself in the cooling shade.
This is precisely what solar pergolas have been created for. Sustained on 4 pillars and with a solar-protection cover on its top, a pergola can be an investment into your own wellbeing and into your home as well.

There is really a myriad of options when it comes to the shapes and designs pergolas can take, so there is really no need to worry over the fact that yours may not fit into the general décor of your garden. If you can afford it, it is a wise decision to invest in solar pergolas as they will save you money in the long run. Here are some of the benefits of buying a solar pergola:

The Benefits of Buying a Solar Pergola

For a lot of people out there, buying a solar pergola is not exactly the least expensive thing they can do. However, you should know that every single cent paid on such an item will eventually pay itself in terms of enjoyment and comfort. Here are some of the best advantages a solar pergola can bring into your life:


1. It will instantly beautify your garden.

Add some chairs and a beautiful table and maybe some flower pots and you’ve got yourself the spot torn out of home décor magazines. Really now, all your friends and guests will be absolutely stunned with just how much your elegant pergola has changed the appearance of your home’s outdoor space!

2. It will be a great relaxation spot.

You will forget about wanting to go to the spa when you will have such a great relaxation spot in your own backyard or garden. Take a book, take some music and simply allow yourself to be nourished by the beautiful sun without worrying about its less beneficial effects (such as those terrifying UV rays that age the skin and can cause cancer as well). Your own garden can be the place you dream of on one of those long working Mondays when all you want is to relax!


3. It will make for a great long-term home investment.

If you are like the vast majority of the people, your home is really one of the most expensive assets you own (if not the most expensive one). Thus, you will want its value to be as high as possible, even when you don’t necessarily plan on selling it soon. A solar pergola added to outdoor space of your home can take your potential clients’ hearts away and it can definitely add to the value of the entire home!

4. It helps maintain the temperature of your home.

During the summer the Pergola helps shade your home, minimising the overall temperature by up to 10 degrees. In the winter the Pergola catches the warmth and light and ensures you’re toasty warm. Not only does this save power, it reduces the environmental impact of your family.

By Grace, August 15, 2014
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