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Why you should create homemade gifts for Christmas

  • November 22, 2016
  • By Grace
Why you should create homemade gifts for Christmas

As Christmas gets closer, many people may feel overwhelmed by the idea of buying individual gifts for each family member. Not only can this add up, but buying gifts can mean that your loved ones have already received something similar, or may feel sad that the gifts don’t have that personal touch.

Instead, show your family you care by taking the time to make homemade gifts, and you’ll save money and ensure that each family member gets a personalised gift that they’ll treasure.

Here are some ideas for homemade gifts for your family this Christmas:


Christmas Poster

One great idea is to make a poster for your family members which celebrate your family’s Christmas traditions. Simply take some red and green fonts, and make a list of all of the Christmas traditions on one piece of paper, before framing it with a nice frame. You could also use the words from your favourite Christmas stories or poems or even your family’s favourite Christmas carols.

Bath Salts

For the people in your family who love taking baths, with just 35 minutes you can make some lovely bath salts that will have them relaxing in some warm water after a long day. All you need is some cheap and cute glass jars, salts like Epsom or Himalayan salts, and add a few drops of essential oils (depending on how strong you’d like the fragrance to be).

Christmas Cookies

Everyone loves Christmas Cookies, and you’ll find that homemade cookies make a lovely gift for family members, friends, and even people you only come across occasionally, such as the kid’s teachers, the mail guy, or that lovely lady at the supermarket. Use your favourite cookie recipe, take the time to decorate them in Christmas colours, and then take some cellophane bags and wrap the cookies up before adding a nice ribbon and personalised gift tag.


Handmade Soaps

Many people love gifts that can be used throughout the year, and soaps are a great option if you have some time on your hands. There are many different recipes online which will allow you to make a variety of different soaps, or you can even find some nice soaps in a store and transform it into a gorgeous hand-wrapped gift with some handmade paper, lace, ribbon and twine.


For those that knit, using your talent to provide your family with lovely, personalised gifts is a great idea. Whether you want to knit cardigans, booties for small babies, scarfs, socks, blankets, or hats, you can easily use season-appropriate colours and create a masterpiece that will be used for many winters to come. If you really want to impress your family, knitting your homemade Christmas gifts is a wonderful option. Why not check out Deramores and see what materials they have to help you get started.

Photo Frames

You can easily take a cheap, plain photo frame and turn it into a personalised gift by decorating it. Consider sticking on some jewels, painting the frame, or creating a theme by finding some sea shells or cute stickers.

By Grace, November 22, 2016
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