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Your House Is Cluttered! How To Make More Space

  • March 14, 2016
  • By Grace
Your House Is Cluttered! How To Make More Space

If there’s a square inch of space available in our houses, we humans seem to have an innate ability to fill it. And it’s nice that we can have all of this stuff. The problem is that we can become overwhelmed by it. And it can be intrusive.

Sometimes we feel like we need to return to a simpler time and create a little more space in our cluttered houses. So how do we do it?


Throw Out The Old Clothes

Old clothes tend to be the main thing that messes up our closet. We end up with lots of clothes that we don’t want and not enough space for the clothes that we do want. The result? Overflowing chests of drawers and closets that are rammed full of clutter we don’t need.

The solution is to pull out all the old clothes that you don’t want, put them in a bag and leave them at the recycling or at the charity shop.

Put In Mirrors

One of the things that I love about mirrors is the space that they create – literally from nothing. Let’s suppose that you have finally gotten around to clearing out your closet. Wouldn’t it be great to buy a couple of mirrors online and then put them up in your closet? It would make it look bigger and actually accentuate all that clearing out that you’ve done.

Having a closet with mirrors can also highlight any features you decide to add. If you happen to have a walk-in closet or one that is built into the wall, a mirror can emphasise any pot plants or pictures you have hung up.


Overcome Your Fears

Many of us just don’t feel right if our spaces aren’t full of junk and clutter. Why is this? What is it that we’re losing if we make our environment a little less chaotic?

I think a lot of it comes down to personal standards. Are we willing to accept living in a mess, or do we actually want to do something to improve our condition?

A good compromise is to come up with a system of ordered chaos. Yes, have fifty pairs of shoes in the hallway, just organise them by putting them in a big chest. They’re still there but in a far more aesthetically pleasing way. Over time, you’ll learn to love that uncluttered look.


Often, the main reason our houses get so cluttered is that we don’t have a specific home for specific objects. As a result, nobody can agree where something ought to be stored, so it just gets left out.

Storage can transform an otherwise cluttered house into a serene, minimalist home without any loss of function. However, when you do consider storage, be inventive. You don’t just have to put everything in plastic boxes.

Why not build new shelves into the wall for all the little trinkets and objects lying around the home. Or perhaps you could invest in a big chest in which to put all the kids toys. It will look as stylish as it is functional.


By Grace, March 14, 2016
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