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4 Simple Steps Towards A Green Workplace Environment

  • June 14, 2016
  • By Grace
4 Simple Steps Towards A Green Workplace Environment

Between emissions from staff commutes and the electrical power used in offices and factories, there’s no doubting that industry has a distressing impact on the environment.

In order to make a stronger commitment to the future of our planet, it is crucial to embrace a greener lifestyle not only at home, but at work too.

Here are four simple steps you can take towards creating a green workplace environment.

Choose A Green Cleaning Service

Choose a cleaning company that is committed to protecting the environment. Green cleaning services, such as AMC Commercial Cleaning, use specifically formulated, environmentally sensitive cleaning products. They also have in place waste-minimisation processes and are committed to preventing pollution, reducing their overall impact on the environment. Natural, non-toxic products will make your workplace clean and hygienic without compromising the health of employees and the environment.


Reduce Energy Use

Minimise use of electrical power in your workplace by switching off equipment and lights at the end of the day. Take advantage of natural sunlight and label switches to ensure only the necessary ones are turned on. It is also important to check that computers and monitors are set to energy-efficient settings. By taking a moment to remove your screensaver and enable sleep mode on your computer, you’ll save a load of power and money.

Use Paper Wisely

Use both sides of your paper when printing, faxing and photocopying. When you’re finished with double-sided documents, try donating them to a local daycare centre or school—children can use the scrap paper for artwork. Instead of buying notebooks for the office, use the white space on old documents (just be sure to avoid using documents that include confidential information). Still have leftover paper? Shred it and use it as packing material.

Your greenest option is to eliminate paper entirely. Convert to electronic mail and store files on computers, not in cabinets.

Convert Your Colleagues

Share tips and encourage colleagues to participate in sustainability events and programs. The more people you recruit into your ‘Green Team’, the better. With everyone on board at your workplace, together you can set goals to greatly reduce environmental impacts.

Working for an environmentally responsible company is very rewarding. Knowing that your business is protecting the needs of the planet will help you find more satisfaction in your work. There is no excuse for not starting today—talk to your team and turn your workplace green.


By Grace, June 14, 2016
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