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Beauty and Elegance for a Lovely Home

  • October 25, 2021
  • By Grace
Beauty and Elegance for a Lovely Home

When you think of achieving elegance and beauty in creating a lovely home,  it may seem like an impossible feat to create both in one place.

Yet, world-renowned interior designers assure us that by simply combining these two elements with the right colors, accessories, and furniture, your home can exude both elegant sophistication and warm comfort. 

When French interior designer par excellence Jean-Louis Deniot was asked about how to have a luxurious feel and elegance in a home,   he shared his wise advice.

“Luxury is when it seems flawless when you reach the right balance between all elements. Understated theatricality – that is what my luxury is all about,”  he says.

Deniot is best known for transforming luxurious residential properties in different residences worldwide,  from  Columbia to Milan and Chicago, from Capri to Monaco, and a lot more places where he is commissioned to provide his talent in interior design. 

His signature designs are usually characterizing historical design periods,  from  Art Deco to Seventies chic,  showcasing his refined color palettes,  luxe materials, and innovative lighting.

Surely,  one of the most amazing things is to have a beautiful and elegant home.   And the design experts agree that it does not matter if you live in an apartment or in a house with hundreds of rooms, you can always heed expert advice on how to achieve creating the beauty and elegance of your home.

Home is where the heart is,  that’s what the old adage says.

And yes,  it’s also where you’re most likely to relax, recharge and escape from the stresses of everyday life. So it stands to reason that your home should reflect your individual style, whether it’s classic or contemporary, traditional or modern.

Needless to say,  you can be economical in your home décor when you combine charm with style. 

British interior designer  William Morris says that  “if you want a golden rule that will fit everything,  this is it.  Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” 

Morris,  best known for being a leading figure in the English arts and crafts movement,  has his signature designs delving into creating beautiful botanical prints for wallpapers and textiles.

As one of the biggest names in modern interior design in England,  William Morris is celebrated for being instrumental in reviving many of the traditional craft methods that diminished with industrialization in the 1800s.

The modern design experts also emphasize that you can be economical in your home decor,  most especially when you combine charm with style. 

This means that we do not need to spend a fortune decorating our homes,   and have our homes stylish and elegant on any budget, no matter how small or large your living space is. 

You will surely get compliments about the beauty of your place if you know how to make your home more appealing by using simple ways. 

For budding interior home designers, French designer Phillip Stark has his own words of advice.

“A designer has a duty to create timeless design. To be timeless you have to think really far into the future, not next year, not in two years but in 20 years minimum,” he says.

Phillip Starck’s signature designs have his  “democratic design” concepts made available for all and not just for the elite,  offering affordable packages.

He designs everything — whether these be world-class hotels and restaurants in different parts of the globe, electronic bikes,  furniture, and lemon squeezers. 

The Kartell Louis Ghost Chair, which is a clear plastic solution that captured design creation fans,  is one of Starck’s most famous creations.

There you have it,  interior design experts giving advice for both newbies and veteran homemakers who can achieve elegance and beauty for a lovelier home,   and a more comfortable sanctuary for you and your loved ones.  

And yes,  just like the icing on the cake,  make sure you have the best roof for your lovely home by checking out this roofing contractor in Opa-Locka FL to help you with all your needs every step of the way.

By Grace, October 25, 2021
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