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Budget Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Brand New

  • November 21, 2017
  • By Grace
Budget Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Brand New

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Need to update your bathroom? There’s no need to pour all your savings into a bathroom renovation. Here are a few ways to remodel this room for cheap.

Use imitation materials

Many people can get transfixed on luxury materials such as ceramic and marble when choosing fixtures and tiles. However, you can save money by choosing imitation materials that look the part. For example, you can buy stone effect vinyl flooring – it’s as easy to clean and will give you same clean effect.

Shop second hand

New bathroom fixtures are often very pricey. You can save money by buying used fixtures instead.  You may even be able to find brand new fixtures that have never been used on sites like Gumtree that a user realised were the wrong size or didn’t match their interior. If you’re buying online, make sure that the seller provides clear photos so that you know the condition of the fixture.

Don’t move fixtures

Reorganising the layout of your bathroom isn’t something you can do on a budget. Moving a bath or toilet involves having to rearrange piping. You can buy new fixtures but try to keep them in the same place to limit the costs of plumbing.

Focus on the details

You may be able to freshen up your bathroom décor simply by switching up some of the details. New toilet paper holders and toilet seats might be enough to make your toilet look brand new. Similarly you may be able to buy a new shower curtain and bath mat to revive your bath. Use matching colours or textures for these small details.

Spruce up with plants

You could consider adding some plants to your bathroom. These can bring colour to your bathroom whilst also helping to dehumidify the air. Many tropical plants thrive in the humid and low-light conditions of a bathroom. These include aloe vera and Boston fern. Some fragrant plants may even help to provide aromas into the air, giving your bathroom a naturally fresh smell.

Go green

It could be worth trying some eco-friendly upgrades. This could involve recycling objects for bathroom use – a mason jar could be a stylish way of containing toothbrushes. You could also consider spending more for green technology that could save you more money in the long run. When it comes to lighting, opt for LED or halogen bulbs that consume less electricity. Many modern toilets have a dual flush function that limit the amount of water you use during a flush. You could even install a greywater recycling system – this uses drainage water from your shower and sink and uses it to flush the toilet with.

By Grace, November 21, 2017
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