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DIY Decs For A Gorgeous Home

  • June 6, 2017
  • By Grace
DIY Decs For A Gorgeous Home

If you have ever spent more than a minute or two on sites like Instagram and Pinterest, you will now that there are a whole lot of people out there that are into creating their own crafts and decoration with which to brighten up their home. However it’s pretty easy to look at their impeccable work, and write off your own efforts to do the same. But it really isn’t as hard as all that. In fact, there are a few projects you can get done quickly and easily that you will be proud to display in your house. Read on to find out what they are.


Why not start with a super simple ad super attractive project first like making a padded noticeboard? For this, you will need some chipboard, some padding, a nice piece of material, that matches your decor, and some elastic, that you can get by the meter.

First, cut the material so it fits over the board with a 10 cm border all of the ways around. Then place the padding over the board and cut it exactly to size. Then use hot glue which you can get from shops like Glue Guns Direct and stick the padding to the board. Watch out for your fingers here that glue gets hot!


Then position your fabric over the board and padding. Go around the outside and fold the fabric neatly, gluing it down as you go. Remember it doesn’t have to be a work of art as no one will see this side. Then attached your pieces of elastic in a criss-cross pattern, so you can slide letters or messages underneath, and they will hold.

Fix each end of the elastic to the back of the board with more hot glue, and you’re done. Easy, useful and it will look great in a home office, the kitchen, or even a bedroom.

Hanging bottles


You may have noticed that there is a big trend right now for hanging planters in the home. Happily, you can make your own version very easily and cheaply.


All you need is some glass bottles or jars of your own choice, Mason ones look particularly good. As well as some hot glue and some garden twine, and some cut flowers to display in them once they are ready.


Cut a long length of the twine, double it over and wrap one end around the neck or the jar or bottle. Fix with a dot of hot glue every three or 4 loops. Then do the same with the other end of the twine.

You can even jazz them up a bit by adding lace or ribbon around the neck of the jar for a truly country bohemian look.

Once you have wrapped the neck of the jar or bottle, you should be left with a long loop of twine that can be hung on a peg or a nail on the wall.

Then all you need to do it let the hot glue dry, pour some water in the neck of the jar or bottle and add your favorite flowers for a stylish and cheap DIY home decoration.

By Grace, June 6, 2017
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