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Do Minimalism and Luxury Work Together?

  • September 28, 2017
  • By Grace
Do Minimalism and Luxury Work Together?

When it comes to luxury living, many people have the opinion that you can’t be a minimalist if you have so much money. There’s a common belief that with money, you’ll purchase plenty of unnecessary things just because you can. You’ll go clothes shopping on a regular basis, you’ll indulge in several different hobbies and you’ll own a massive collection of entertainment.


This is usually presented in a negative light, but being wealthy or even just living in luxury doesn’t mean you’ll hoard items. In fact, many people that live in luxury also understand the draws of minimalism and manage to make it work together.


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Focus on Quality, Not Quantity


While it sounds obvious to say this, it’s good to remember that a minimalist and luxurious lifestyle revolves around quality, not quantity. If you’re going to buy storage cabinets or install a cupboard, then make sure it’s spacious enough to store all of your things and that it’s sturdy enough to last a long time. This is far better than installing several smaller cabinets around your home and it means you spend less time repairing broken things or mending weaker materials. Similarly, it’s best to have large, spacious and comfortable seating arrangements instead of cheap, tacky and small sofas. In short, to live in both luxury and minimalism, reduce the amount of stuff you purchase and increase the quality of it.


Location Can Determine Luxury


The location of your property can determine luxury. Whether it’s because you live in a good neighbourhood or because you live near lots of useful amenities, the location you live in can make a huge impact on both the value of your home and how much convenience you have. The type of items and appliances you have in your home can also make a huge difference when it comes to minimalist luxuries. For example, some people decide they don’t need indoor gym equipment because they live in a luxury apartment home with a gym and swimming pool. Some people live with less entertainment because they live near clubs and cinemas, so they prefer not to clutter their home with various devices.


Less Clutter, More Focus


One of the leading causes of a lack of focus in the home is clutter. It could be documents piling up that lead you to take forever to find what you want, or perhaps it’s simply the sight of a busy room that sets you off and prevents you from focusing properly. A productive mind is an enlightened one, and you’re not going to find inspiration if you barely have any space to move around or think. The less clutter you have through the power of minimalist design, the more focused you will be. This gives your home a luxury quality that will put it worlds apart from a cluttered, cramped and busy home.


As you can see, minimalism and luxury go hand-in-hand. If you’re thinking of bumping up your house value or if you’re interested in creating a unique interior look, then consider combining minimalism and luxury for outstanding results.


By Grace, September 28, 2017
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