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Don’t Dismiss an Unfurnished Rental

  • July 18, 2017
  • By Grace
Don’t Dismiss an Unfurnished Rental



A lot of people turn up our noses at apartments that come unfurnished when they’re looking for somewhere new to live. This is, to an extent, understandable. A lot of the time, when we’re looking for apartments, we’re pretty caught up on how expensive the move is going to be. We have to think about moving costs, the rent, security deposits, et cetera. One of the biggest advantages of furnished apartments is that the cost of getting furniture is, well, off the table!


Buying new furniture seems like a pretty expensive proposition. After all, you’d have to buy a sofa, a mattress, a bed frame, chairs, tables, et cetera, et cetera.


Then there  the convenience to consider. Think about a move: once you’ve moved all the boxes to your new place, you want to sit down and relax for a bit. But with unfurnished home, you need to haul the seats in before you can have a rest! Even if you’ve hired a good mover – which you can read more about at – it still seems like a massive hassle. Easier to just rent a furnished apartment in the first place, right?




But there are benefits to an unfurnished apartment. The first thing to consider is that the rent is often considerably cheaper – something for which you’ll be very thankful once you’ve furnished the place! Combine that with getting a good deal on an apartment in a nice area in the first place, which you can read more about at, and the financial benefits become even clearer. Over time, that extra money you would otherwise have paid in rent will pay off the furniture expenses, eventually saving you a lot of money.


There’s also the fact that an unfurnished place is often cleaner. There’s no furniture blocking the view of the walls and floors. Many previous owners use such view-blocking to their advantage and do a lax job with cleaning! You’ll have a much clearer view of the state of the apartment.


A big benefit to an unfurnished apartment, of course, is that it comes as a blank slate. It’s bare, untouched. You don’t have to put up with the furniture tastes of previous tenants. Some see this as a negative, but you can now furnish a place to your liking. Remember your teen fantasies of replacing the chairs in your home with beanbags? You can live that dream now.




You do have to be careful with an unfurnished apartment, of course. It’s not always clear exactly what is missing, because there aren’t that many clear standards when it comes to what counts as ‘furniture’. For some, it simply means the place doesn’t come with beds and seating. It may very well come with other appliances such as an oven and refrigerator (although, in that case, it should be advertised as part unfurnished). Make sure you inspect the place properly before signing anything; you can read more about inspections at There may be security and safety systems missing; don’t forget to consider these.


By Grace, July 18, 2017
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