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Getting On The Property Ladder Without All The Drama

  • October 20, 2017
  • By Grace
Getting On The Property Ladder Without All The Drama

More and more people are put off buying their first home because of the drama and stress involved. It’s not surprising this puts so many off. Buying a house is still considered one of the most stressful things you can do! When do we have time for all that hassle? And so many things can go horribly wrong, especially when you have to deal with a chain. So what are your options?


Why Buy?

First of all, you need to clarify your reasons for buying a place instead of renting. Renting gives you the freedom to move around quickly and easily without having to wait for buyers to turn up or sellers to move on. If your job makes you move around every few months, or you work away, you might not be at home enough to enjoy the place. Of course, buying can provide you with an asset. You might see it as an investment, especially if the market is improving. There is also the freedom to style your own home any way you like.


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How To Finance?

If you’re on your own, you might find you can’t get that first foot on the ladder. But if you have a partner and kids, you might be desperate to own a home for the stability it can offer you all. Financing might be your biggest challenge. If you want that first step on the ladder, think modestly. You can always upgrade or move on later if you need to. Start in a cheaper area, or go for a smaller property for now. As prices improve and you do the place up, you will have more equity in the house to move on.


Finding The Property

Property hunting can be fun – at first! After a while, you might despair that you can’t find what you really want. Don’t exclude mobile homes and modular homes from your search. You might find these are highly customizable, giving you exactly the layout and living space you’ve been searching for. This means you can adapt the home to your preferences rather than having to adapt to a property with limited choices. A customizable property is more likely to be available when you’re ready to move too!


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Making The Move

No matter where or what you buy, the move can be pretty chaotic! You have to remember that no property is easy to move into. You need help shifting furniture, and you might have to decorate some of the rooms before they are suitable for your kids. Perhaps you need to buy some furniture if you’ve not had quite so many rooms to yourselves before. In some houses, you might find you would prefer to replace the bathroom or kitchen too. Can you live there while such big renovations are taking place?


Once you’re in, you might feel relaxed and comfortable. Or you might already be planning your next move! Removing the drama of buying a place isn’t always easy, but some of these tips might just make it that little bit more practical for you.

By Grace, October 20, 2017
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