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Getting Your Home Ready for the Summer

  • June 2, 2017
  • By Grace
Getting Your Home Ready for the Summer

Spring has been and passed; you’ve completed all of your spring cleaning and your home is tidy, clean and junk free. But why stop here? There are always elements of your home that can be improved and built upon. A few tweaks and renovations could be all that stands between you and your home becoming the dream that you’ve always wanted it to be. Here are a few summer projects that you might like to consider to move your home closer and closer to the image of perfection that you want it to be.


Your Garden

Your garden may have been a little neglected lately. Who can blame you? Nobody wants to be out getting green fingered amidst April showers and downpours. But now the skies are clearing, you and your family may want to spend some quality time together outdoors. Now is the best time of year to get your garden together. So, where to start?

Neatening Up

Your grass might be a little overgrown, so run the lawnmower over your front and back garden. Use a strimmer to get the harder to reach places and the perimeter of your garden, where your mower can’t reach. Prune any overgrown trees and shape up bushes with a pair of garden shears. If you have a patio, a few weeds may have sprouted between the slabs. Get a pair of good quality gardeners gloves on and pull them up. You can also treat the area with weed killer to ensure that they don’t return.


It’s time to add a little more color to your garden. The summer is bright and breezy, and your garden should be too! Flowers and plants will also attest wildlife to your yard, and the bees will thank you for your kindness. So choose some bright, blooming flowers and dig up a little flower bed to house them. If you don’t have much green space spare, not to worry. You can always opt for hanging baskets, window boxes and planters instead.


Big Jobs

You may have bigger plans for your home. You might be considering a conservatory for your home. This will provide a breezy, airy living space for you, your family and visitors to relax in. This is where The Renovation Company can come to your rescue. Always bring in professionals for bigger plans which require building and proper planning. You want everything done properly afterall! For those who don’t want to sit out on the grass, decking might be a viable option for creating living space outside of your home.



There are plenty of investment, statement pieces that can make your home that bit more welcoming and entertainment-ready in the summer months. If you like to have people over for food, maybe you should invest in an outdoor gas BBQ. This will beat any disposable BBQ and will be able to feed many mouths easily. If you have children who leave toys and bicycles strewn across the garden, tidy up space by investing in the storage space of a good quality shed. This means garden toys can stay in the shed without trailing mud through your home.

By Grace, June 2, 2017
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