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Home Design Trends Emerging in the New Year

  • December 21, 2020
  • By Grace
Home Design Trends Emerging in the New Year

As we say good-bye to 2020 — what for many people has been a year filled with a lot of changes — we also can say hello to new ways of spending time at home, and upgrades to make this time more pleasant in 2021 and beyond. Consider some of these home design trends emerging from Coronavirus, when planning how to revamp your home.

Home offices that work

2020 was the year of the home office and 2021 is likely to be more of the same. A dedicated space is the key to a workspace that actually works for you. You can turn a spare bedroom into that office by swapping out a full size bed for a space-saving trundle. Or, get creative with a closet office. Remove any clutter, add a desk, cabinets, and shelves, and the best part is, you can close the doors at the end of the work day. But don’t forget to add light — either overhead, or with a desk or floor lamp — for optimum productivity.

Workout-friendly flex spaces

Many people who were used to hitting the gym every day, had to find an alternative way to get their workout in, and that means a home gym space. If you can’t make the investment of a full workout room, a flex space with storage can be an alternative solution. All you need is an open space and a cabinet or set of drawers where you can store your essentials like a yoga mat, weights, bands, or whatever other equipment you need. When you are done sweating, store everything and you’ve got a living room, or other alternative space ready to go.

The great outdoors

It’s no secret that greenery and fresh air are mood boosters. To get this boost, people are increasingly looking to create an outdoor space at home with plenty of greenery, cozy seating, or even a fire pit.This can be in your backyard, or in the front yard for top curb appeal improvements. Some options to consider are planters and container gardens that can be created in a weekend to create a full and lush look. Planters are great for 2021 because they don’t require a major financial investment, and if you don’t like how they look in one spot, you can move them to another area of your property. 

Chef-ready kitchens

With access to restaurants restricted, more people are taking fine dining into their kitchens. You can make some relatively easy changes for a more enjoyable and user-friendly kitchen. Bakers might consider adding a dedicated rolling cart for their supplies, or shelves to store flours and other ingredients. An easy kitchen design trend for 2021 is repainting cabinets, or adding an accent wall to your kitchen. Another small upgrade with a big impact is recovering your dining chairs, or updating overhead lighting.

Interior designers across the United States are busier than ever as people are spending more time at home and wanting to create spaces that are both relaxing places to recharge, and also to get stuff done. You don’t have to spend a fortune to take your home up to the next level, there are a few upgrades that you can do yourself that can make a big difference.  

By Grace, December 21, 2020
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