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How to Get the Right Style of Lighting for your Room

  • April 26, 2016
  • By Grace
How to Get the Right Style of Lighting for your Room

One of the most important things to consider when redecorating is selecting the new lighting style. With different rooms of the home each requiring a difference ambience to reflect their purpose, it can be difficult to settle on a specific lighting style. Here’s a few tips to help make choosing your new lighting styles a little easier:


What’s on trend?

Scandinavian design is leading the way when it comes to interior trends at the moment and the more minimalist the designs are the better. A key part of this trend is really basic lighting styles. Suspended lighting is hugely popular with exposed Thomas Edison style bulbs really making a comeback. This works when placed in a room with Scandinavian design features, however you can go for more decorative feature style suspended lighting styles if they work with your décor. At there’s an amazing variety of ceiling lights to suit a whole range of different tastes.


Think about the purpose

Typically, people tend to cook in the kitchen, eat in the dining room and relax in the lounge. Try to think about the type of lighting required for the activities done in the room before making a decision. Often lighting in the lounge tends to be much softer than in the kitchen, with lighting that’s brighter and more focused, like spotlighting, usually popular in kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re looking for bedroom lighting something that’s softer works much better than brighter lighting with lamps and candles being really popular alternatives.


Look at alternatives

One of the big lighting trends at the moment are standing lamps in living room spaces. As an alternative to a main light, a standing lamp emits a big amount of light in a targeted area so they tend to work well positioned next to sofas or tables. In rooms where less intense levels of light are required, sometimes lamps and an open fire can create just the right amount of light on an evening with natural light sufficing throughout the day.

Getting the right style of lighting for your home can be tricky. Not only do you need the right level of light you also need to source a fitting which complements your décor, by thinking about the purpose of the lighting first and trends second you should easily be able to source the perfect lighting in no time.




By Grace, April 26, 2016
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