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How to Make Your Home Look Great for Summer

  • May 8, 2018
  • By Grace
How to Make Your Home Look Great for Summer
The rush to make your home look great for the warm season is always on. Striking a balance between enjoying a couple weeks of great weather and putting in yard work isn’t easy. It’s a never-ending process that also never gets easier. There are a few tips that can help you plan and execute for that all-important time though. The sooner you’re able to master these cheats, the sooner you’ll be done with the work and able to enjoy your beautiful property.

With nearly 64 percent of Americans owning their own home, plenty of people are looking for a way to make their house stick out from the rest. But what are the best ways to do that? Which areas should you concentrate on? Those answers are actually quite simple when you breakdown the different sections of your property. It’s easiest to tackle one area at a time, and work on easy improvements. When a major project presents itself, then you can take a run at it. But don’t go out of your way looking for one. Instead just follow these easy tips to make your home look great for summer.


Front Yard First

There are plenty enough things inside your house to keep you busy, but most people won’t even see them. What really counts to the walkers and neighbors is your front yard. It should be green and lush. Everyone will be talking about how you have the best lawn on the block. You know how that’s true? It’s because you’re the one normally talking about someone else’s yard… but not this year.

First things first: pre-emergent weed control. So, when do you need to use pre-emergent weed killer? Typically, it’s best to lay this killer down in early spring. If you want to avoid all the clover and ivy that victimized your lawn last year, then the best option is to attack early. There will be other treatments to keep your grass green and healthy, but this is one of the more important ones. A nice yard is exactly what your exterior needs, and it’s easier to obtain than you might think. It all starts with this one simple process.

Section by Section

Don’t go half way in. If you’re taking care of your grass, make sure you take all the necessary steps. If you’re laying down mulch, finish the job. The same goes for trimming shrubs, laying paver stones, or any other yard work you start on. You’ll find it much tougher to get back to your first project if you start a second (or third or fourth) before you’re finished. That’s why it’s wise to wrap up your initial job as soon as possible. If you’re too anxious, maybe tackle smaller projects first. That’s a subject we’ll take on next.

Time Management

Rule number one of having a beautiful piece of property is: don’t get burned out. If you fear that you’re susceptible to quitting, maybe it’s best to hire out some of the tasks you’d rather not do on your own.

Keep it Simple

When attempting to dress up your home’s exterior, you could have multiple projects on tap. Whenever one project is over, another one starts. That’s why it’s important to take the easy way out when possible. No, you don’t have to cut corners, but simply slapping a fresh coat of paint on the garage instead of building a whole new garage can save you a bunch of time. Not everything has to be a major project.

If you’re following this principle a couple quick tips to keep in mind are cleanliness and proximity. If it’s clean, it will look a lot better. So grab a power washer because your driveway may need a few years of grit taken off. And also remember that only you can see the imperfections up close. From the edge of your driveway, that new paint job looks pretty good. There’s no time for perfectionists here.

Line of Sight Staple

You also may want to opt for an attention grabber. Maybe add a nice picket fence around the edge of your property. Or go with the stone firepit. Both are easy installs that will raise your landscape’s profile nicely. Of course following any of these tips is a good start.

By Grace, May 8, 2018
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