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How to turn the attic into a great extra space

  • April 22, 2015
  • By Grace
How to turn the attic into a great extra space

If you have an attic then there is a good chance that it has the potential to be a great extra space for you and your family to enjoy and share with friends. Although turning an attic into an additional great room in your home can take a bit of work, the results are well worth it.


Assess the situation

An unfinished or rough attic is going to take more time, money, and work to make a usable space than an attic that has proper wall and floor coverings. Don’t worry though because you will be amazed what can be accomplished in a short amount of time. An attic renovation can be done over time. Head space can make or break your remodel plans. Many building codes require 7-7.5 feet of clear space in your attic for it to be considered liveable. Make sure to check with your local building authorities before you proceed.


Building codes vary based on location. There may be rules about what type of staircases or ladders you can use to access this space. For areas that traditional stairs won’t work in you might be able to use an attractive spiral staircase. If it is allowed you can also consider a ship style ladder. It is important to consider how this access will limit or allow you to move larger objects to and from your attic space.

Shop vintage and used

Great furnishings can really make a room. However you don’t have to buy new or spend a lot to get great furnishings. Sometimes you can find furnishings that just need a little bit of paint or varnish to look great. Rummage sales, second hand shops, and used furniture stores can be great resources when you want a unique look without a lot of expense.


Let in the light

If your attic has dormer style windows then you are lucky. Dormers are great for utilizing space and letting in light. In fact if your attic is lacking in light you might consider adding dormers to increase it. Although this can require a contractor and cost some money, it can be worth it to make your attic space more usable and less dim. Window shutters can help you control the light at all times during the day and help conserve energy by reducing heating and cooling losses. Even those that just have windows at either end of an attic will benefit from the use of shutters for light control. The attic of your house can be a big culprit in energy loss. Shutters can pay for themselves in the amount you can save over time.

Small changes lead to big results

Attics don’t have to be projects that are accomplished all at once. Changing your attic to a great space can be done in your spare time on the weekends or you can even make it a fun and rewarding learning experience for the entire family. Small changes can add up to big results and a much needed expansion to your home.

By Grace, April 22, 2015
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