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It’s Not All Asking Price: The Extra Costs Of Buying A Home

  • July 13, 2017
  • By Grace
It’s Not All Asking Price: The Extra Costs Of Buying A Home

Sometimes, we spend so long looking for a home that’s in our price range and haggling it down to a good deal that we forget the price of the home isn’t the only factor that plays into the matter of finances. Sometimes, the extra expenses of home buying and ownership build up so much that any deal we managed to make is soon made irrelevant. So, how do you make sure the other costs of home buying don’t creep up on you?



The mortgage costs

Most people buying a home aren’t really going to forget the fact that they’re paying a mortgage that will make a big difference in how much a home truly costs by the time it’s all paid off. However, many people do forget that there are specialist mortgages out there for different demographics. For instance, there are over 50 home loans for the older buyers that tend to offer them a better deal with other mortgages. It’s always worth looking into the niche providers rather than the generic ones if you want a deal better for you specifically.

The extra help

You don’t buy a house alone. You’re going to need people to help the process along. Solicitors or conveyancers are essential, and the best you can do is find those that have reputation for not slowing the process down. Otherwise, you might be adding more stress to the transaction. You shouldn’t try to exclude estate agents from the process, either. However, you should look up their reputation. Some agents will pair you with services that they get a commission from, meaning you might not be getting the best deal in the end.



Moving day

It might not seem as big a cost compared to paying the mortgage or making savings by choosing better estate agents or solicitors. However, moving day tends to happen after we’ve already paid out all the home-buying savings and our budgets are starting to get pulled tight. Thankfully, there are still plenty of ways to make savings. For instance, getting rid of a lot of your old, unwanted goods will reduce the amount of space needed and perhaps reduce even the number of vehicles you need from your moving company. You can get plenty of inexpensive packing materials, too, such as saving up all the newspapers you buy in the month or so leading up to the move. You can ask for cardboard boxes from your local shops, too, so you don’t need to buy any from the movers.

The improvements

A lot of people look at homes as an investment, so when they move in, they want to start making improvements immediately. Here, the most savings can be made by taking on more yourself. Doing DIY work instead of hiring professionals is a good idea so long as you’re sensible and you know when you really need some help. Similarly, you can go to hardware stores and construction sites to ask for any spare materials to cut those costs, too.

There are savings to be made in every stage of both buying and owning a home. Keep your awareness about you and you shouldn’t be surprised by any sudden costs.

By Grace, July 13, 2017
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