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Lessons in Minimalism

  • September 25, 2015
  • By Grace
Lessons in Minimalism

If you find yourself constantly frustrated with the amount of stuff in your home and you’re ready to get rid of the clutter, take a lesson in minimalist design. Decorating your home with a minimalist theme is not an easy task, but if done right, can result in an elegant design that creates a healthy and calming living space. Finding the balance between bland and perfectly minimal can be a struggle, but these tips will get you on your way.


The Benefits of Minimalism

First off, let’s discuss the amazing benefits of opting to go with a minimalist theme in your home. It’s more functional, as less furnishings mean more thought goes into the practicality of what you buy. Your home will appear cleaner, and will also be easier to clean. Lastly, clutter can truly be detrimental to our mental health, as visual distraction can lead to stress in a place that should be dedicated to relaxation. A space free of chaos will lead to a mind free of chaos.

Quality Counts

With a minimalist look, you’re bound to have less in your space overall, but don’t fall into the pitfalls of thinking that cutting down on quantity means cutting down on quality. In fact, it’s the opposite. If you don’t have luck with bargain buys that are high-quality, you may need to splurge a little. Quality furniture pieces that make a statement while remaining simply stylish are the goal when it comes to furnishing your space. Finding unique pieces is essential to pulling off this theme, so spending a little extra time finding the perfect fit may be required. One of the most important aspects of reducing clutter is finding an effective way to store what you do decide to keep. There are tons of easy DIY storage options to fit all of your needs.


Go Modern

Clutter often occurs when we amass old items that may not serve their purpose as well as a modern, clean alternative could. The best way to make minimalism work is by seeking out a modern theme. While getting rid of clutter, replace the products that you do need with products that feature modern designs. From statement wall art to the clean lines of a new tech gadget, going modern and going minimal are almost synonymous.

Proportion Matters

Crafting the ideal minimalist space requires a better sense of balance than most rooms require. Furniture should meld together, meaning simple, subdued colors and similarly-sized pieces will do best for your aims. No one portion of the room should feel heavier or thicker than the others, meaning a bit of planning before placing your furniture is key.



It’s all in the tiny, seemingly insignificant details with a minimalist design, and this is where personal taste and creativity comes in. Keeping the majority of your surfaces clear is essential, but don’t be afraid of adding a detailed figurine or piece with sentimental value to prevent the room from looking too boring. These should be well-selected as they will naturally draw the eye and require the attention of anyone who steps into your home. Details can also be added, sparingly, with frames, lightly patterned accent pillows, or grooved shelving units. Details you never would have noticed before will become the star of your space, and will add necessary depth without overcrowding. Adding details may also mean taking away some. Re-cover your favorite books with DIY white construction paper jackets for a chic, simplistic look on your book shelves.


As with all decorating themes, lighting is very important when creating a minimalist look. Look at the natural light sources in your room, and figure out how best to take advantage of them. If you find that you don’t receive enough light to set off the space, select several simple light fixtures at varying levels and install them in subtle areas. Cordless options are the way to go, and an overhead statement light fixture can provide further detail without cluttering up a space.

Comfort, looks, and practicality combine in a correctly designed minimalist-themed home. If you’re ready to rid your life and home of overcrowded chaos, designing a minimalist space is just the ticket. These tips can be used in every single room of the house, living room to bedroom. Getting rid of clutter doesn’t mean getting rid of practicality, and the amazing benefits of minimalizing your living space can extend to every area of your life. Clear the clutter, find some gorgeous pieces, and clear your space and mind.

By Grace, September 25, 2015
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