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Make The Most Of Your Massive Garden!

  • April 11, 2016
  • By Grace
Make The Most Of Your Massive Garden!

If you’ve just bought a country new build, then you’re likely now in the possession of vast amounts of land out the back of your property. You’ve also probably got absolutely no idea what to do with it all. However, we have the answers! Well, some of them at least – hopefully, they’ll inspire you. Check out our tips for making the most out of your massive garden with the following additions.


Swimming Pool

Firstly, you’ve got all that space, and more than likely all the money, for a swimming pool. So, why not install one? The prices of pools are plummeting as of late. Therefore, it could be a great time to get on board! There are the obvious social benefits of having a swimming pool in your garden. Just think of all the great pool parties you could host for your friends and family. Owning a swimming pool is a massive statement of luxury, too. So, if you’ve always pined after a luscious lifestyle, then this is your way of showing everybody that you’ve finally made it. You could opt for an outdoor pool, if your home is in a weather permitting location. Or, alternatively, opt for an indoor one to ensure that you can still enjoy your new, aquatic leisure time even when it is grey outside.


Log Outhouse

Building your own log outhouse is an incredibly fun project that you are fortunate enough to have the space for. However, it also a great place to store an indoor pool. So, if your garden isn’t situated in a location sunny enough to house an outdoor one, why not put your indoor pool inside of a log outhouse? If you’re worried about keeping things water tight, then you might wish to browse sealants online in order to find a solution. There are plenty of companies out there who’ll be able to provide you with the right chinking. There are plenty of other alternative uses for a log outhouse, too, though. If you think a swimming pool may be a bit too grandiose for your garden, then why not have a home office situated inside your log outhouse? That would certainly break up your work/home life balance. However, for some, the thought of doing work even at the bottom of their garden might still feel too close to home. Although, that’s fine, because there are more things you could do with a log outhouse! You could make it into a play area for your kids. Or, a little chill-out area for your son wanting to practise playing his guitar or drumkit – that’d keep the noise away! The possibilities are endless.


Mini Golf Course

Finally, why not use up all that land by creating a mini golf course? Everybody loves a bit of mini golf – imagine how cool it would be to invite your friends round to your own garden for a quick game! With mini golf courses requiring a lot of upkeep to remain playable, the only question is, would you consider an artificial lawn instead? This means that you’re not having to worry about the upkeep of your miniature course, or having to pay a costly groundskeeper to do it for you. We think the positives outway the negatives here!

Ultimately, any of these three ideas would be a welcome addition to any massive garden space. It is your land, after all, so go and make the most of it.

By Grace, April 11, 2016
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