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Small Bedroom Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

  • June 19, 2018
  • By Grace
Small Bedroom Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Tiny bedrooms don’t have to mean cramped spaces. There are plenty of ways to make the most of small square footage so that you can show off your prized belongings while putting away the rest out of sight. A clever little organization can go a long way to declutter your space, along with innovative storage options.

Here are some tips from designers who have helped convert tiny bedrooms to shrines of light and joy:

Creative Use of Wall Shelves

One thing you won’t run out of even in the smallest of spaces is wall space. Use wall shelves that will help you keep your books and other articles organized so that you don’t have to worry about getting more tables or standing shelves to store them.

You can use creative hanging shelves that will look like a work of art while balancing some pretty looking accessories on there. You can also use a wall shelf at a lower height as a floating desk for your laptop, to eliminate the need for a desk table.


Use Bed Storage

People have been stuffing things under their bed for decades now, but that’s not what you should be doing. Use beds that come with inbuilt storage to put away things like bed linen, freeing up vital cupboard space in a tiny bedroom.

Get a bed that has inbuilt shelves on the side bottoms where you can store footwear, or books or any number of items. You can also use discounts to invest in a modern fold out bed that can be folded into the wall so that even the bed won’t take up much space when no one is sleeping in it.

Get Wall Sconces for Lighting

Clever lighting can be arranged without the floor lamps and table lamps that take up space. Instead, you can use sconces that hang from the wall or ceiling. A lamp with a movable sconce can be used when you want to shift light between the bed and a desk next to the bed. You can use a lamp hanging over the bed instead of a floor lamp to illuminate your reading. Use good lighting to give your room the illusion of more space.

Make the Best Use of Mirrors

When you have a small room, a mirror is your friend. If you have a cupboard, get a full-length mirror over the door to reflect the space and light to make the room look bigger than it is. Reduce the area taken up by your vanity by just having a mirror propped over your desk. It will save you valuable space while letting you dress up in the small area you have available.

Keep Hanging Racks for Clothes

If you are running out of space to hang clothes, use open racks that can be hung over a corner wall and show off your fantastic garments collection there. What’s more, you can use the space beneath for additional shelves to keep your footwear. This way, you can free up cupboard space or eliminate the need for a cupboard altogether.

With a small room, plenty of natural light is key. Get some houseplants to spruce up the place and let as much sunlight enter as possible. Use muted colors to give the illusion of more space, and you can get yourself a pretty good looking tiny bedroom.

By Grace, June 19, 2018
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