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The Top Thing You Should Keep In Mind When Buying A New Property

  • August 31, 2016
  • By Grace
The Top Thing You Should Keep In Mind When Buying A New Property

Location, location, location. It’s a phrase we’ve heard so many times, and it always rings true. When buying a new home, there are three top things you should keep in mind before you make an even more extensive checklist. And those top three things just happen to be the same one thing. Yep, with such a long-term investment, it’s all about location. Let’s take a look at why this is so crucial in real estate.


Location For A Happy and Safe Life

Choose a good location when buying real estate. This will not only guarantee you a happier life but will also ensure that your investment will remain stable or rise in the future. When searching for a property make sure it’s close enough to grocery stores, restaurants and a local pub. Also look at how close it is to your work. Once you have worked out how long a commute you are willing to do find out more about properties nearby by searching websites in your chosen area. Also, make sure the area is in a safe neighbourhood. It’s far better to choose a house you can update and remodel in a safe area, than choosing a beautifully designed house in a shady location. Flipping a house in a safe location is so much easier too. Think about whether you want to live in a city or a rural location. And if you choose rural, still make sure that there are local grocery stores in a reasonable distance. Some people prefer the hustle and bustle of urban life and others crave peace and tranquillity. Regardless of your wishes, you will still need local stores for coffee, milk and wine!


Location For Good Schools

A home is not only somewhere you will live but also an investment for the future. So whether you have children or not, it’s still a good idea to choose a property that is in a location close to good schools. This will up the sale of your house in the future and will be beneficial if you have children starting or moving schools now. Living in a good public school district means you have better educational choices for your children. It can also save you money on the alternative of sending them private. And it is a good starting point if you are newly married, moving and thinking about raising a family.


Location For Work And Public Transport

It may seem like such a dull decision to make, but a long commute depletes your salary in terms of time and transport. And it also depletes your energy. If you are buying a new property, try and choose something with a close commute to your work. You will feel happier and more energized every day, even if you have to sacrifice a few square feet of property. If you are thinking about switching jobs, also check out the company’s near your potential new location. Are there lots of good work prospects? Could you even be able to walk or cycle to work? These are all plus points when choosing a property.

Don’t forget you can expand the size and change the style of your home with renovation and remodeling. But you can’t lift up your house and move it to a better location. So, if you love a particular view, a safe neighbourhood or want a property near your favorite town, then search in those areas and those areas only. Surrounding yourself with the things you love is better than living somewhere that keeps you inside four walls.

By Grace, August 31, 2016
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