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The Ultimate Sophisticated Garden Makeover

  • April 20, 2017
  • By Grace
The Ultimate Sophisticated Garden Makeover

A sophisticated décor is an enviable trend for modern homes. It focuses on the cleanliness of the interior and sharp and clear shapes. Sophistication comes from a minimalist approach. But one thing is clear: It is chic, and it works every single time. Indoors, a sophisticated décor relies on simple colours – paint it white is the motto of every minimalist décor enthusiast – and quality accessories and furniture. To put it in other words, you don’t just use a plastic light switch, but you opt a chrome finish light switch for a simple but effective accent. Most homeowners forget, though, that the minimalists décor lessons that they apply to their interior can also be applied outdoors. Indeed, your garden can look simply elegant with the right sophisticated touches and attentions. How should you do it? This is exactly what we are going to explain here.


A Game Of Light And Shade

Garden landscaping can seem a little exaggerated if you have a small urban garden. But, believe it or not, there is no size to achieve a perfection in your garden. Outdoor décors offer a new possibility that you can’t reproduce indoors: you can create playful games with the elements of light and shade. While this means that you need to invest in a lighting solution for the evening, such as outdoor LED floodlights that can keep the garden lit when it’s dark, there is more to it than a simple bulb. Your garden also needs to provide shade areas. Here large trees are naturally a favourite, but nothing is stopping you from adding a delicate marquee as an outdoors sitting and eating zone.

Simple Shapes

At the core of the minimalist movement, there is the simplicity of shapes. At a garden level, it’s about taming the wilderness into clear and clean shapes. The most effective method for small gardens is to choose tiered landscaping, by using natural garden steps or by creating a vertical vegetation wall, as an example. If you have room for planning, you can decide to combine tiered gardening with your sitting area, by creating built-in benches that are topped with a layer of small plants. Tiered gardens are not only pleasant to see, but they are also very easy to maintain. All you need is to choose small plants that can bloom during the warmer months. Tiered gardening also offers an elegant solution if you want to try your hand at growing your vegetables but don’t have much room.

All-Weather Vegetation

Finally, a sophisticated garden has to be easy to maintain without being dull. Think of it as a couple of days of preparation for years of enjoying. This is exactly why you need to choose your plants carefully. Perennials are ideal to fill the gaps, and they are not only full of flower, but they also come back every year. Foxgloves are a favourite as they are strong, sturdy and full of colours. Verbenas are worth growing in a sunny garden because they are perfect for pots – think about your tiered garden – and to create edging too.

By Grace, April 20, 2017
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