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Top Tips for Revamping Your Living Room for Spring & Summer

  • March 16, 2017
  • By Grace
Top Tips for Revamping Your Living Room for Spring & Summer

With spring and summer on the horizon, now is the perfect time to revamp your living room and embrace a much happier, brighter and warmer time of the year. The cold, gloom and long dark nights are becoming a thing of the past, so celebrate this by rejuvenating your living room with some fresh colour and decoration. Here are a few great and easy ways to get your lounge area ready for the spring and summer.

Replace your Curtains

In the middle of winter, it is likely that you had your big curtains up to shut out the doom and gloom from outside and to keep the house warm. With the arrival of spring, you will want to keep your windows open to allow plenty of fresh clean air into your home. Consider replacing your curtains with something much lighter, with blinds or colourful lightweight curtains both being great options. This enables you to easily let in light, fresh air and still keep them drawn once the sun goes down.


New Plantlife

Spring and summer are seasons that are all about colour and life, so your home should reflect this. Purchase a whole host of new plantlife for your living room and this will completely rejuvenate the space, plus this is also proven to have many health benefits. You could buy colourful flowers, a cactus, large floor plants or anything else that takes your fancy.

Classic Furniture

There is no better way to make a big change than to replace a piece of furniture with something classic. This could be a classy coffee table, a comfy and colourful armchair, a leather sofa or perhaps a new bookcase to house all of your books and DVD’s (a great way to reduce clutter). In order to find quality items that will look fantastic in any home, you should shop at well established classic furniture suppliers, such as Skandium.

New Cushions

Changing the cushions (or just the cushion covers) is somewhat of a hidden trick when it comes to interior decorating. It is an incredibly quick, easy and affordable way to inject colour and style into a room and much, much easier than repainting the walls. Replace your current cushions or covers with something much brighter and cheerful, such as oranges, yellows, purples or light blues and marvel at the change.

Finally, the harsh winter months are coming to an end, so what better way to embrace a happier time of year than by revamping your living room? The above methods are a few quick and easy ways to welcome the warmer months of the year.

By Grace, March 16, 2017
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