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Types Of Windows

  • February 12, 2019
  • By Grace
Types Of Windows

When it comes to picking a window for your home or looking up how much replacement windows cost, you will find many different types available that are part of the construction of the house. All windows let in natural light to flood the rooms in the day and let fresh air come inside to things cool and dry. A house’s windows also set up what the style of the house will be as either traditional or contemporary (or futuristic). Homeowners can choose any window to that fits their tastes and what they would look to see on the outside.

First, we have the picture window. This is a large stationary window (a bit on that next) that brings in a lot of light and permits a single standing view of outside. It is the most traditional. Second, we have the transom window. It is a narrow window that can also be stationary, but is  still operating while mounted above the door or a larger window for extra light to flush in. They are usually sitting on a track, but a sliding window has one that can slide across another window like a pile. They are very much seen in newly built houses.

Then, there are stationary windows. Per its name, they don’t open, but are customizable in different angles and shapes. These can also bit fit into modern houses because of the customization can blend in with tech windows. With bay or bow windows, it gives residents a lot space when they stick out from the outside siding of the home. It is a mix of windows with a stationary one standing in the middle next to, as listed below, double-hung windows. As its name suggests, they are made especially for a space that sticks out from the home, hanging above the ground.

Connected on top with hinges, awning windows are good for those who want to open outward for air to get in from the sides. They can be installed anywhere, providing flexibility. Casement windows are also hinged but work by turning a crank to open them and work similar like awning windows. Finally, there are double-hung windows. This window has two belts that slides it up and down. These windows open wide either top or bottom, but are inside the frame and not sticking out inside the house. Compared to a single-hung window, only the bottom can open while the top is in place.

When looking for new windows in Oakville, seek a company that has this variety that can mix in with any residence. Your home is not just what is inside, but the exterior of it including those shiny windows. You should look outside with a sense of comfort and see the aesthetics that stand out in any style of residence. In the sun or through the cold, snowy winter, your windows are shield and your sight towards the outside world.

By Grace, February 12, 2019
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