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Why You Should Choose A Timber Frame Home For Your Build

  • November 25, 2021
  • By Grace
Why You Should Choose A Timber Frame Home For Your Build

Building a home is a long process with many different choices to be made along the way. The type of frame your home uses may not have been on your radar yet, but it is an important decision you’ll need to make. Where you live, the climate and your budget are all likely big factors that will influence your options. There are quite a few benefits to choosing a timber frame home, such as better insulation, faster construction, it is more cost-efficient than other options and even has some ecological benefits, too. 

1. Insulation
Wood’s structure contains many air pockets, which work as natural insulators to keep the house temperature more stable both during the hotter months and cooler months. Maintaining a comfortable year-long temperature can be quite a struggle, depending on where you’re building, so by having some natural inbuilt installation right in the frame of the house, you’re cutting down the energy required to heat and cool your home. This not only saves you money but also can positively impact the environment, too. Hamill Creek Timber Homes have some great options for timber frame homes that have these wonderful benefits. 

2. Faster Construction
Even at the best of times, construction can really drag. Right now there are a lot of issues with supply chain issues, which means anyone building a home right now is likely to experience delays they’ve never seen before. Timber frame homes can be built really fast, which can help reduce the overall build time of your home. This is a great option if you’re just itching to live there as soon as possible. Because timber can almost always be sourced locally, it also won’t have the same supply chain delays as other materials. 

3. Cost Efficient
A timber frame home is around 10-20% cheaper than other framing types, so if you’re working with a tight budget this can be a great way to save on the overall cost of your home. If you’ve ever built a home before, chances are you know that they often go over budget, so anything you can do to cut costs can make a huge difference to the overall cost of your build and can help ensure you stay on budget. 

4. Ecological Benefits
Because wood is a natural material, it is much better for us to use than some other materials such as steel which create a lot of impact on the environment during their mining and construction processes. As mentioned above, wood also has some thermal benefits which can help minimize your heating costs, which can also benefit the environment too. 

Building a home is such an exciting time, but you want to make sure you’re choosing the right products and materials for your build. I think you’ll be really happy with all the benefits a timber frame home provides.

By Grace, November 25, 2021
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