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5 of the best mobile apps for helping you to physically shape up

  • June 28, 2019
  • By Grace
5 of the best mobile apps for helping you to physically shape up

It may seem like a paradox to talk about mobile apps we use to be keeping fit when we should be looking away from our screens and putting our trainers on. However, the below fitness apps are perfect for helping you track your fitness and provide you with visible results that can inspire you to push your routine to that next level. From yoga guidance to running trackers, take a look at the five fitness apps below.

Nike + Training Club

The Nike+ Training App is perhaps one of the most sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing fitness apps out there, providing customers with detailed workout plans and tailored routines, run tracking, as well as information surrounding diets and nutrition. The app can be used to coincide with weight loss journeys, competitive running or even to measure your progress at Weight Loss Boot Camps.

Daily Yoga

Some of us may not have the time to attend a yoga class or may feel self-conscious about their amateur status in the yoga world. The Daily Yoga app is loved by over 50 million people around the world and provides a great entry point into the practice. The app provides customers with daily yoga positions and meditative lessons vowing to improve your yoga skills and provide you with a healthier outlook on life within two weeks. The app also acts as a great preparatory tool prior to a yoga class, just so you head in for your first time with a little bit of knowledge.

Cycle Meter

Cycle Meter is one of the world’s most sophisticated cycling apps, providing cyclists around the world with invaluable route information and performance indication while on the road. The app provides GPS routes with graphs as well as information covering interval and lap times as well as training plans to help you get in shape for your big race. It’s easy to use interface makes it perfect to use while on the go.


The Fitbit app is perhaps the best general fitness app currently on the market, providing users with detailed information surrounding their daily steps, calorie intake and burn as well as in-depth information covering sleep. The sleep features of the app help track the quality of sleep you’re getting as a means of improving performance during your waking hours. Fitbit also possesses an element of sociability about it, meaning you can challenge friends with your fitness goals.

Asics Studio

The Asics Studio app provides all-round support for all your fitness goals, supplying fitness enthusiasts and amateurs with important tracking surrounding calorie intake, route planning, as well as yoga and meditation advice. The Asics app also provides you with tailored fitness routines designed to help you improve in the most important areas to you, whether that be weight loss or improving your cardiovascular endurance.

Why not download one of these apps today and get started with your fitness journey? There’s no time better than now.

By Grace, June 28, 2019
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