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5 Smart Tips to Create Your Adventure Travel Wardrobe

  • September 23, 2015
  • By Grace
5 Smart Tips to Create Your Adventure Travel Wardrobe

Packing for your extreme weather outdoor adventure can be a truly daunting task. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the extreme outdoors without the proper attire for your trip, especially if it is an extended travel — and in cases of inclement weather, this can of course be dangerous. The other main concern is packing light enough that you can fit all your gear in your car and be able to carry it during your trip. Follow our tips to ensure that you pack the proper wardrobe for your upcoming trip.


Smart Tip 1: Dress in Layers

Whether you’re camping, fishing, hiking, biking, cliff diving, or taking on any other extreme outdoor endeavor, the key to packing a successful wardrobe is to focus on durable and light items that don’t take up too much room in a bag.

With layering, the trick is to strive for maximum impact while taking up minimum suitcase space. For instance, Simms offers great layering options with ultra light insulated vests that can easily be worn under larger coats.

Smart Tip 2: Pack Lightly

One of the best reasons to pack lightly for your trip is that it will free up room for camping gear. There is plenty of camping equipment on the market that is collapsible, fold-able, lightweight and easy to carry.


Smart Tip 3: Invest in More Convenient Fishing Gear

Traditional fishing rods can be particularly cumbersome and difficult to carry from the car to fishing destination. Now, it’s easy to free up room in your car with a collapsible rod. Cabela’s offers great collapsible fishing rods that will make packing for your vacation in the wilderness much easier.

Smart Tip 4: Pack for Your Hike’s Climate

If your adventure will include a lot of hiking, portability and weight are the most important factors when packing. Make sure that you select a particularly lightweight tent.

When you are planning for the weather of your hike, make sure you check the projected temperatures for the entire area you plan to cover — if you are climbing a mountain, there can be a dramatic temperature variance the higher you go.

If there is any chance of snow during your hike, don’t forget crampons, which are crucial for helping you keep your footing strong. Cabela’s offers many crampon styles to choose from.

Charcoal hand warmers can also help with making the journey a less frigidly cold one. Available at many camping and outdoors stores, you can put them inside gloves or mitten to help keep your hands functional and avoid frostbite.


Smart Tip 5: Don’t Forget the Details

Even if you aren’t expecting the destination to be too bright, bring sunglasses and a cord to keep them on your head. Sunscreen and SPF lip balm are other crucial additions to pack for any trip. Lips can get sunburned, too, and nothing is worse than a painful burn while you’re focusing on enjoying your trip!

Despite trying to keep your packing load light, it is also always a good idea to pack some extra clothes for incidentals. You don’t want to be left without something clean in the event that your clothes get unexpectedly soiled.


By Grace, September 23, 2015
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