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Haven’t Taken Your Holiday? Why Not Choose an exotic place

  • September 15, 2015
  • By Grace
Haven’t Taken Your Holiday? Why Not Choose an exotic place

As the warm weather disappears for another year, you might find yourself with a little spare holiday time but nothing planned. Don’t fret, you still have lots of holiday options. Why not consider a sunny exotic place? Want a little inspiration? Well check out these wonderful destinations you can visit:


Montego Bay, Jamaica: Maybe you didn’t quite get the summer you wanted, so you’re craving some serious beach time and a cultural hot spot. Jamaica is world-famous for being a laid back country with a lot of natural beauty on offer. Here you’ll find white sandy beaches, bright aqua water and more than enough little spots to explore to yourself. Montego Bay is the fourth largest city in Jamaica, You can spend a day visiting Croydon Plantation, getting a taste for the ‘real’ Jamaica, behind the scenes. You can also visit the stunning Rose Hall Great House and find out for yourself if it’s really haunted. That is, if you can pull yourself away from the beautiful beaches.

Cozumel, Mexico: This is the Mexico you’ve probably dreamed of, with stretches of white sand, sprinkled with palm trees, clear skies and warm waters. The diving here is some of the best of the world. Nearby are ancient Mayan temples, perfect for a visit. Here you’ll be able to relax, unwind, and get the well deserved break you have been waiting for.


Havana, Cuba: Now is the time to visit, before the floods of tourists find their way there. Cuba seems to have stood still in time for many decades. There’s so much to see, and it’s completely unlike anywhere else, ensuring a very memorable trip. La Habana Vieja, the Spanish old town, is a perfect fusion of Spanish mansions and plazas. The town itself is brightly coloured, with classic cars, ensuring many wonderful photo opportunities.

The Caribbean offers lots of wonderful holiday destinations, from those mentioned above – and many more. If you’re looking for gorgeous warm weather, beautiful beaches, to indulge in some Latin culture and to create some wonderful memories, the Caribbean is a wonderful place for your next holiday. Whether you decide to indulge in a cruise, or prefer to opt for an all-inclusive Caribbean holiday , I’m sure you’ll love your trip to the Caribbean

By Grace, September 15, 2015
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