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5 Things You Must Always Carry With You When Traveling

  • August 7, 2015
  • By Grace
5 Things You Must Always Carry With You When Traveling

Traveling is no child’s play, it is as much a challenge as an adventure, and if you are not careful enough you never know how severe the consequences can be. Travelling is not as simple as buying that ticket and boarding that plane, you need to carefully think it through and pack your luggage with all the smartness in the world that you can possibly recollect. Your safety should always be a key consideration above all others, and no matter where you are heading off to you must blend in the culture and not violate what the locals hold close to their hearts. Here are the top 5 things you should pack as you plan to leave for your trip in your very own car, now taking your car on a trip can be expensive but dependent on where you are headed, it might as well be the best decision you have ever made in your life:

Number One:

Tiger Balm

This may come as a surprise but yes, Tiger Balm does top our list. It is a relic of ancient Chinese medicine and is an effective remedy to combat headaches, and bug bites. Not only is it compact but multipurpose and cheap. You must pack one of these as you pack your toothbrush; yes it is that important!

Number Two:

Two Pairs of Tires

Next comes two pairs of excellent tires for your car, if you plan on a fun trip you don’t want to get into any car trouble. Good tires can last you years, depending on usage, you can get your hands on some of the best tires that will be perfect for your car at which is not only one of the most reliable but also the highest ranking website for tires of all kinds. Couldn’t get a great deal? No worries, there are a few great deals on tires at as well, that you should look into.

Number Three:


On number three we are listing the pretty obvious, you must take money with you. By money we do not mean your cards, you never know how far off an ATM machine or credit card acceptance maybe, carry hard cash with you. Just a few dollars, not more than 200 dollars, which is a decent enough amount to last you two three days and not a very big setback if you lose the amount, don’t forget to hid your cash, tourists are like sitting ducks and can easily be ripped off or robbed. Not to forget at least one Visa and one Master card for atleast one of them is bound to be accepted if not both.

Number Four:

Your Documents!

This is inclusive of photocopies of your driving license and passport, as well as your travel insurance. Take a few passport photos with you, when you will be crossing a border you will be more than delighted with yourself to have gone through our checklist and prepared beforehand.


Number Five:

Pack to make memories:

Pack your favorite shoes, favorite shirts a camera together with a journal, a bag of motivation and a pen. Keeping a journal and getting all the pictures that you possibly can may seem to be troublesome for now, but when you come back from your trip you will have great memories. A few pictures, and clear, vivid accounts of your everyday experiences are something that you will love to live every now and then. Ensure that you have a camera that’s going to offer you crystal clear photos and will allow you to treasure the memories forever. Check out Clifton Cameras for their wonderful range and great prices.

A good vacation or a trip can be just the motivation you will ever need in your tedious routine to keep you going until that next trip! Also carry a medi-kit a very small and compact kit, to help you with basic first aid if need be and a few energy bars, you can always sleep in your car on a long trip and a few energy bars will also resolve with the hunger pangs that are bound to come after you, sooner or later.


By Grace, August 7, 2015
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