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5 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Entertainer

  • July 21, 2015
  • By Grace
5 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Entertainer

Everyone enjoys the company of their friends, but there are some people out there who take it to the next level. If you love to organise get-togethers and entertain guests, you will probably also need some equipment to help you on your way. Here are five things you must have if you want to be the ultimate entertainer.



You can cook almost anything in a relatively short amount of time on a barbeque, so it is a must have for every entertainer. Barbeques also bring a sense of warmth and character to any gathering, so it will be a worthwhile addition to your entertaining arsenal. If you are in the market for a new barbeque, and feel a little overwhelmed by the all the choices available, specialists such as BBQ Galore can help you figure out the best fit for you.

Music System

There is nothing worse than awkward silences, especially if you have invited friends from all different areas of your life. Having music in the background helps to cut out this awkwardness, and can also double as a conversation starter. It also helps to liven up the atmosphere a little, and you can tailor your music choices for any sort of gathering.


Comfortable Seating

If you plan on entertaining often, you will want your guests to be as comfortable as possible, and this might mean investing in some new seating. This may be in the form of an extra couch or two, some lounge chairs or even a hammock, if you are feeling adventurous. If you can’t afford to splurge out on new seating, consider buying a few pillows and blankets to spruce up the seating you already have.

Appetiser Trays

Everyone loves appetisers – they are small enough to carry around and nibble on, they are perfect if you aren’t too hungry but they also have the ability to fill you up. However, if you plan on serving appetisers, you will need something to put them on! Appetiser trays are great as they cannot be easily tipped over, and have handles so it is easy to carry snacks to and from tables.


Drink Dispenser

Drink dispensers are fun, appealing to the eye and very versatile. You can put anything from fruit infused water and lemonade to beer and wine in them, and let the fun begin! They are also easy to refill and having a couple of these around will make it easier to keep track of the drink situation, so you can focus on being a great host to your guests.

Being an entertainer can sometimes be difficult, and these must-haves can make your life a little bit easier. However, at the end of the day, it’s all about good company and good food, so don’t get too stressed and just remember to have fun!

Do you consider yourself to be the ultimate entertainer? What five things would be on your must have list and why? Is there any advice you would like to pass on to others? Leave your thoughts and comments in the section below.

By Grace, July 21, 2015
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