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African Adventures: Tips and Tricks For Travelling The Continent

  • January 27, 2017
  • By Grace
African Adventures: Tips and Tricks For Travelling The Continent

Africa is a hugely diverse and fascinating continent, and really is a travelers dream. From the popular tourist areas such as Marrakesh, Cape Town and Victoria Falls to more remote and less well-trodden paths it makes for an excellent travel adventure. There are some points to bear in mind when traveling Africa however, so here are some things to remember when you’re planning your trip.

Stay Healthy

Many parts of the world require you to have travel vaccinations before visiting, and Africa is no exception. This is because you may come into contact with bugs or infections that you’ve not been exposed to before, or because there are higher incidences of certain illnesses in these parts of the world. The exact vaccinations you will need will depend on your health, the duration of your trip, the season you’re traveling in and where you’re going. Speak to your GP in advance of your visit so you can have the right vaccinations done in plenty of time. Common safety advice should also be followed- avoid sharing bodily fluids, unsterilised medical or cosmetic equipment, prevent bug bites and stay away from animals. Don’t let the worry of health ruin your trip, just be sure to stick to the advice given.

Keep Safe

There are some African countries that are less safe for travelers to visit. These are places of political instability, war, acts of terrorism, religious conflict and others. Before traveling to an African country, look online at the travel advice given. Some countries may have warnings stating to avoid travel or to depart if you are already in the country. There are others which are considered safe however, so do your research and work out where the best places are for you to go.


Volunteering is an excellent way to help others while experiencing a new country. Since many volunteer programs offer safe and secure accommodation, if you’re traveling alone or are new to travel it’s a great way to make sure you stay safe. Many African countries are in need of volunteers so you can be safe in the knowledge you’re doing something really worthwhile with your time. Ghana, for example, is just one country in Africa that has a huge number of abandoned and orphaned children. Volunteer efforts are based on things like constructing orphanages, caring for and teaching the children, You could volunteer in Ghana or another African country of your choice by looking online and scouring out opportunities.


Go on Safari

One of the most incredible things you can do in Africa is to go on safari. Since the continent is home to some of the biggest and most amazing creatures in the world, it’s an experience that you simply won’t be able to get elsewhere. There are many tours available, so be sure to choose a reputable one. This will be part of your trip that you will never forget!

Do you plan on traveling to Africa either this year or in the future?


By Grace, January 27, 2017
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