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Home DIY Solutions To DIE For

  • January 26, 2017
  • By Grace
Home DIY Solutions To DIE For

Whether you’re a stubborn creative looking to take interior design into your own hands, or someone who just wants to try their hand at DIY, the prospect of improving a house can be simultaneously daunting and exciting. You might be tackling the task of renovating an old, cluttered house, or you might be eager to tackle the blank slate which is your brand new home. Believe it or not, both cases are equally as tough to approach. You have to be sure this is what you want, in terms of time and money spent on even the smallest home renovations.

Nonetheless, if you follow careful steps and renovate your home gradually, it becomes a much more manageable experience. DIY should be fun, so don’t misquote me on that, but diving straight in it can cause a mess around your home which won’t be such a fun experience. Don’t tackle anything electrical or plumbing-related if you have no idea what you’re doing. That’s the first piece of advice I’d give to you, but there are some other tips and tricks I think it’s worth when it comes to DIY around the house.

Thinking of ideas.

Think about what you want before you get started. This is where most people go wrong with DIY. It’s not the practical element which throws a lot of people, but the planning element. If you want this to be as fun as you always envisioned it in your head, then don’t dive into the dark and hope for the best. This is your house, and there are lots of technical features to it which you should be careful to work around. Communicate well with your family and partner, and ensure you get their full input.

This especially applies to creative minds which might be geared more towards architectural forms of thinking, rather than the engineering aspect behind it. Alternatively, perhaps you’re only interested in the DIY side of things when it comes to interior design, and not so much the creative element of themes, colours and contemporary styles. This shouldn’t stop you from taking up a DIY project, however, because there are professionals who can help with that, and Kia Designs specialises in all aspects of interior design.

Expand the available space, or create space.

Creating space can involve something as simple as moving furnishings to the farthest reaches of walls, to create a larger centre space, or it can involve something as dramatic as building a conservatory. Doing both could work wonders for your home, of course. There are no limits to what you can do around your house, other than your own self-made budget, I suppose. Still, whether you build or purchase a conservatory, there’s always room for your own personal splashing of DIY. You’ll have an extra space in the house to practice and throw around new ideas, such as self-made furniture.

Modernise the amenities.

It’s easy to get carried away with decor, painting and other things, which are still important to the design of your home, but if you really aren’t sure where to begin, then sprucing up all the key facilities and amenities around your house is a great starting point. A well-designed bathroom and kitchen is something that will make everyday tasks seem a little more enjoyable. Don’t overdo it on tiling, and perhaps focus on a repaint first of all, just to see how your bathroom looks with a new face.

By Grace, January 26, 2017
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