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All Up For Aintree Ladies? Grand National 2018.

  • March 28, 2018
  • By Grace
All Up For Aintree Ladies? Grand National 2018.

Some regard it as the racing event of the year. Aintree and its Grand National Week. The crowds flock to the racecourse in their thousands, for the excitement and cheering that goes on in the hope that their chosen one will launch their head across the line to be first home. Will it be a photo finish?

This electric extravaganza on the racing calendar brings both men and women alike to the Liverpool venue, for an outstanding week of racing, fun, entertainment and of course the famous fashion on display on Ladies Day.

Traveling to Aintree

Aintree is located in Liverpool, so for anyone flying in for the race week, there are two options, either John Lennon Airport in Liverpool or Manchester. If you are coming by car, there will be signs for car parks the closer you get to Aintree itself, directing you to a suitable car park. In general, bus and train routes are quite direct and punctual in the UK. Naturally, the Grand National attracts many extra visitors to the area and this puts a strain on transport systems but just leave in good time and make sure you don’t miss the race!


Throwing a few pound on the horses

If you are fond of firing a few pound on the favourites, check out for some tips and guidance in your bet. For those of you new to the world of horse racing, and betting, you basically just pick out a horse and check what odds he is at to win. Then you decide how much money you are willing to put down on the bet, expecting that horse to win. This is known as your stake. If the horse does win, you simply win back your stake along with a multiple of the odds. So for a 10/1 winner, you would win back ten times your stake plus your stake back. It’s so exciting watching the winning group come around the last bend and up past the finish line as the crowds go wild.

Dress for the best!

While the men are down at the track and frantically making bets, the ladies are making their entrance to the parade, in their finest fashion. Hats, scarves, dresses, gloves and stilettos of the highest order are all over the place for the famous Ladies Day and the coveted prize for the Style Award is up for grabs. the fashion police will have their eyes peeled on the day, on the look out for the best dressed lady. The winner, takes home the pride and of course a great car prize. So if this is your first time ladies, get yourself prepped for the glitz and glamour this year. The winner just might be you!

The week is sure to delight racing fans and newbies alike, with festival fun and fashion over a whopping few days at Aintree. Pack the bags, saddle up and let the fun begin.

By Grace, March 28, 2018
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