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Best Places to Visit on a Mediterranean Cruise

  • September 11, 2015
  • By Grace
Best Places to Visit on a Mediterranean Cruise

Oh, the Mediterranean! As the cradle of the most beautiful pieces in the European civilization, the Mediterranean Basin is still charming, fascinating and amazing – even if thousands and thousands of years have went by since the Antiquity faded out in history.

Going on a Mediterranean Cruise is an amazing holiday  option regardless of what type of traveler you are: the kind seeking relaxation, the adventurer or simply the curious human being willing to find out more about other places.

What are the best places to visit on a Mediterranean Cruise, though? Read on and find out more:



This is where it all begins: European culture, democracy, grace, beauty, philosophy. You name it and it’s very likely the Greeks discussed it first. Named after the Goddess of Wisdom, Athens is a superb place to visit even if you are just passing by – and a cruise that stops there will definitely add a lot to your experience as a traveler.


Although sometimes people associate the Mediterranean with Greece, Italy, Spain and France alone, the truth is that there are other spots along this emerald-blue sea that are more than worthy of your attention. Croatian Dubrovnik is one of those places. The kind of city that haunts you years after you have visited it. The kind of charm you will take home with you to always cherish its memory.



If you want to experience the most European Middle Eastern city in the world, go to Istanbul. Absolutely unique and fabulous, Istanbul is fascinating in its diversity, color and fragrance. There’s something unforgettable about this Mediterranean cruise stop you will definitely want to come back to again. And again. And again.


Barcelona is the kind of place where you stop to have fun. There’s just nothing the Spanish cannot do excellently. Amazing foods, great parties, stunning beaches, beautiful ladies, handsome men and a general atmosphere of “feeling good” that will infuse every single inch of your body. And once you get acquainted with the Barcelonan culture and spirit, you are bound to return and “get more” of this fantastic city.



If you want to get your fair dose of luxury, opulence and almost decadent beauty, Monaco is the place to be at. There’s nothing not to love about this Lilliputian city-state, really. Everything, from its fashion to the atmosphere surrounding its elegant streets is bound to make you fall deeply, deeply in love with Monaco and its people. Definitely worth paying a visit, especially if you want your Mediterranean cruise to be really unique!


Sweet, charming and absolutely unforgettable, this small port in Italy is the kind of destination you simply don’t want to leave. Such a warm atmosphere and such a relaxing vibe hover above this Italian spot of the Mediterranean that you will have to really struggle to leave this place!

Of course, these are just some of the lovely places you can visit on a Mediterranean cruise. With so many wonderful spots sprinkled all across the Mediterranean Basin, it’s really impossible to get bored, so such a cruise will be a truly amazing experience for you!

By Grace, September 11, 2015
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