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Discover Victorinox Luggage for Durable Sports-Inspired Suitcases

  • November 27, 2015
  • By Grace
Discover Victorinox Luggage for Durable Sports-Inspired Suitcases

Victorinox is one of those brands that consumers love because they always expect the best from it. The company made the original Swiss knife, and today it is also known for its fantastic luggage. Products within the Victorinox luggage line come with lifetime warranties, proving that they’re capable of withstanding even the roughest trips. Plus, these bags are perfect for men and women of all ages because they’re durable and sports-inspired, making them modern, chic, and fashionable.

To discover more about Victorinox luggage options, continue reading.


Victorinox Hybri-Lite 30″ Large Suitcase

The Hybri-Lite is a great option for those who are seeking a super spacious main compartment in a suitcase that makes it easy to get away for an extended trip. Featuring really durable polycarbonate, this luggage uses innovative technology to make travel a breeze.

The main packing area can expand 2″ and there is also an interior zippered mesh pocket, along with compression straps that can stretch to secure all of your folded items. Plus, it comes with a convenient removable drawstring bag that you can use to keep your shoes separate from your clothes for optimal cleanliness. And the exterior U-shaped pocket on the front allows you to easily carry travel documents and reading materials.

Victorinox VxOne 24″ Dual Caster Suitcase

Another one of the many popular Victorinox suitcases is the VxOne 24″ Dual Caster Suitcase. Featuring a total of eight wheels, this upright suitcase is perfect for those who are looking for a professional looking piece of luggage that can work as a checked bag for an extended trip. It also features a lightweight, one-touch dual-trolley aluminium handle system that will lock into three positions for optimal control and comfort. And you can even enjoy 360° movement, stability, and quality construction with loads of storage both on the interior and exterior.


Victorinox CH 22 Expandable Carry-on

The Victorinox CH 22 Expandable Carry-On is a pricey item that is definitely worth the cost. Known for its high-performance quality, it is the ideal carry-on for taking with you on exhilarating adventures. Plus, it is expandable, which means it will be easy to tuck into a plane’s overhead compartment, but it will easily fit everything that you need in its many compartments. Slim and wheeled, this bag also features patented fabrics like Versatek and Teleolon, so it is really rugged and practical.

Victorinox Urban Essentials Tote

A really sporty option is the Urban Essentials Tote, which provides you with a spacious compartment inside, along with zippered multi-purpose pockets and padded side pockets and rear pockets. The exterior also boasts plenty of storage, with four front multi-purpose pockets that are zippered, and a couple of full-length pockets perfect for keeping your electronics while travelling.

With so many Victorinox luggage pieces to choose from, you can create an entire set or purchase individual items as needed. No matter what you decide, you can rest assured that these products will last a very long time and they will look fabulous the entire time.

By Grace, November 27, 2015
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