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Ways to Improve your Business’ Office

  • November 26, 2015
  • By Grace
Ways to Improve your Business’ Office

If you’re like most managers and business owners, you probably want to run your office as efficiently as possible. That means offering the best and most services and products at the lowest cost, while keeping your employees happy so they stay with you.

If you’re trying to improve the feel of your office, how efficiently you operate, and how happy your employees are in the space where they spend the majority of their days, here are some tips that are sure to help:


Take note of feedback

Your employees will naturally have opinions, so encourage everyone in your business to embrace both positive and negative feedback. Maybe you’ll choose to set up an email address where employees can send their responses, or even just a box in the middle of the office where they can drop anonymous notes. Another option is to have a weekly or monthly meeting in order to share ideas. Open communication is essential for businesses wanting to be successful, especially when many employees are being headhunted online.

Update your technology

If your employees are typing away on old keyboards attached to antiquated computers? It may seem like updating your technology will be a huge cost, but updating employee software ad computers is essential. If you want your employees to be productive, equipping them with computers which run hardware and software efficiently is an absolute must. If it’s been more than six years since you upgraded your technology, you may need to look at completely upgrading your systems. Your employees will thank you, and productivity is sure to increase.

Check ergonomic standards

If you haven’t analysed your workspaces for ergonomic standards, it may be time. See if you can bring in a professional who can evaluate their workspaces and teach staff how to keep themselves safe while at work. This also means supplying employees with equipment that complies with ergonomic standards such as footrests, chairs, and ergonomic keyboards. This is an investment which will pay off with enhanced productivity, fewer sick days and fewer compensation claims.


Install a lift

If you’re working in an office with stairs, it’s important to ensure both your employees and customers can easily get around. For employees who are injured or older, this will insure that they feel comfortable and can continue to work for you, and it will also ensure clients don’t arrive at meetings feeling winded. Check out TK Encasa for some excellent options for your office.

Give workers what they need

Create a space which caters to your workers individual needs. Some workers need quiet and isolation in order to focus, while others enjoy working with a modern open office and constantly bouncing ideas off each other. Create an office which combines comfortable couches with standing desks and small offices for individual work or meetings, and encourage employees to use whatever spaces they need in order to produce their best work. Some employees may prefer to take a half hour break instead of an hour at lunch, leaving for home half an hour earlier during the day, or arriving half an hour later in the morning, so this is also an option which can be implemented

By Grace, November 26, 2015
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