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Fine Dining in Dubai

  • January 15, 2015
  • By Grace
Fine Dining in Dubai

With its audacious skyscrapers, endless record attempts and decadent way of life, Dubai has a reputation for distinction. This reputation has attracted flocks of restaurateurs to the city in the hopes of wooing its residents to the next big thing in world cuisine. Emirati dishes still inform much of Dubai’s dining, and thankfully local customs haven’t died out amid the maelstrom of international talent. However, visitors to the city will be astounded by the many other, international cuisines that can be found in over 3,000 establishments, from the swish to the simple, and everything in between. With so much choice, it’s time to raise your gleaming fork to the desert skies, and vow to make every meal matter.


Exquisite French

Beyond the sheer glass façade of La Serre, a landscape of pristine white tablecloths and airy, open space beckons. The dining room emulates the refinement of French staples, like a Chanel suit, a dainty macaroon, or a day wandering through the Louvre: it is elegance incarnate. The menu is similarly chic, and even hot dishes like Provencale squid or mackerel with green chili and rosemary are delicately balanced concoctions.

Lavish Chinese

Shang Palace announces itself in a regal mix of golden and red hues, lushly sequestered on a balcony of the Shangri-La and serving up a mix of Cantonese staples like deep-fried crispy half duck, alongside exciting dishes like braised crab meat, egg yolk and tofu in a clay pot. Don’t skip out before dessert, round off your indulgent banquet with hot chocolate soup, glutinous sesame dumpling and green tea ice cream to bring things to a kingly conclusion.


Traditional Emirati

Evacuate your comfort zone and roar out over the desert sands to dine beneath the stars at El Hadheera. Located at the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort you can dine within the walls of a traditional fort, take an a falconry display as you eat. Mouthwatering meats are prepared by spit roast and in wood-fired ovens, like tender beef shawarma and lamb kebabs. Evenings end with a rich Arabic coffee and Baklava to a dazzling display of fireworks and dancing, making for a once in a lifetime experience for visitors to the Emirates.

By Grace, January 15, 2015
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